The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited and the Perestroika that never was

An astute political commentator recently likened the NATO military build-up in Eastern Europe, bordering Russia, with the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1963 overseen by the then US president John Kennedy.

Back in ’63, it was discovered that Soviet constructed nuclear missile sites were underway on the island of Cuba.

After conferring in secret with his administration’s advisors, Kennedy ordered a naval blockade of Cuba to prevent further military supplies reaching that country.

Kennedy demanded the dismantling of the nuclear sites and removal of missiles.

The resultant stand-off between the USSR and the US was known as the Cuban Missile crisis, with Soviet acceptance of US terms breaking the logjam.

Fast forward 53 years to the current East European crisis- centring on Ukraine- but with far wider implications for the region -indeed with the balance of global geopolitical power itself.

It’s a given that the cold war has been revived- if it ever was abandoned in the first place- maybe the threat level has just been upgraded on par with the colour-coded terrorist threat advisory system, from blue- being guarded- to orange- on high alert.

The year was 1985, when the word Perestroika became the catchphrase of the Soviet Communist party. The Soviet Union’s then president, Mikhail Gorbachev, admitted the term was vague and had many meanings, but stated, “The one that expressed its essence accurately was…… revolution.”

The literal meaning of the term however is ‘restructuring’, the question though, restructured into what, and for what purpose?

Anatoliy Golitsyn, an ex- Soviet KGB operative and defector to the US, authored the book, “The Perestroika Deception”, delayed for publication by ten years at the behest of the CIA, which contained archive documentation revealing a detailed plot against the US and the West.

The embarrassment to the CIA was probably due in no small part to the known communist infiltration at the organization’s top level.


Golitsyn’s book was eventually published in 1995, with limited printed editions in circulation.

This book is not your typical tale of skulduggery, but a diabolical plan of convergence with the West on Russian terms. So if Russia’s moved right of centre, and the US left, how can they converge you ask?  Maybe the intention is to maintain polar opposite positions as a cover for deception? Thus concealing the convergence?

Let’s examine the points contained in Golitsyn’s works;

. Perestroika was the cover for a plan to socialize Western civilization politically and economically by changing systems from within, – or subversion- all the while presenting a façade of a reformed Soviet Union where capitalism has seemingly triumphed over socialism

. Consolidating business partnerships to spread socialist ideology or ‘dogma’- Who are the new change agents in sync with governments? Major Corporates or Multinationals in addition to wealthy foundations formed by individuals or co-opts.

. The consolidation of European countries in a single body – by example of the EU

. The infiltration of intelligence agencies

. The use of disinformation- or deception- in the field of progressive ideology targeting both those who embrace it as well as those who resist it

. To estrange Westerners from their leaders- a tactic known as demoralization

. Setting up a controlled opposition in the Soviet Union – by payment and co-option- by presenting the false paradigm of hardliners and reformers for propaganda purposes

. Engineering the fall of the Berlin Wall to solidify the impression of the fall of communism

. The resolve to weaken the US military whilst enhancing- and concealing- their own military complex

. Seeking to monopolize language by reshaping words and their meanings

. Pursuing ownership of the organs of information i.e. the media in all its forms

. Reviving the class struggle

. The promoting of drug abuse- including medicinal- promoting social engineering to divide society, the implementation of censorship via politically- correct hate speech legislation

. Encouraging attacks on religion and traditionalism- which is the new fascism as I’ve been reliably informed- and promoting agnosticism and nihilism as alternatives

. Overseeing the infiltration of most nations by the Global communist party

. Presenting Russia with a modern face- almost conservative in nature- and seemingly embracing religion.

.  Depicting the US as an evil force even whilst engineering the breakdown of their society, depicting it as a repressive country that threatens freedoms.

The persecution of religions by direct and indirect means- a la the Middle Eastern persecution of Christians and minority-sect Muslims with Jews to follow?

The grand objective in all this is the deconstruction of the western mind using the brain washing techniques of Italian communist Gramsci, to enable populations to accept and cooperate with the

Soviet Union plan for a new world order or world government.

According to Golitsyn’s book- the final aim toward this objective is the weakening of NATO, and facilitating the US’s withdrawal from this organization.

Is this where the ‘New Cuban Missile Crisis’ leads?