The Revised Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins defined by early Catholicism are; wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony.

Right, I now intend to revise this list- tongue-in-cheek of course- to appeal to the more contemporary reader.

First up

  1. Evolution Denial/Doubt

Let’s be quite clear, questioning evolution is a no-no and in the same league as denial, so you might as well take one for the team and get it over with, understanding the derision heaped on your head by its supporters is more for their own benefit than your own. They need to validate their intellectual acumen or bolster their low self-esteem to subdue any feelings of inadequacy. So don’t take it personally. Also, the common-garden variety evolutionist has spent countless man-hours on internet sites learning this information by rote. They need to regurgitate what they’ve absorbed somewhere, (unfortunately) or else they’ll explode. So humour them or ignore them. Just don’t argue.

There’s a reason evolution is not classified with the natural sciences- it’s not part of it in the proper sense of the word- hence the name evolutionary science. It’s in a category in its lonesome. The meaning of the word evolution is change- and just like the arguments of its supporters it’s in a constant state of flux. Reminds me of what one brutally honest person stated on one internet forum.

He said “evolution is whatever you decide it is”. See, you can’t argue with that.

2) Anthropogenic-or Man-made Global Warming Denialism

Those who disagree that climate change is caused by man-made global warning will probably be labelled religious extremists at some stage or another. Well, its par for the course. Just remember they’re only trying to disguise their bad science comprehension so name-calling serves as a distraction. Oh, they will remind you of how many U.N. Scientists support this ruse, something like 90 odd-percent, whilst conveniently ignoring the claims of the scientific dissenters. Of course those scientists affiliated to the UN will plug the official line- as their careers depend on it. It’s a fact that those opposed aren’t given the same amount of exposure- and that applies to the peer-review process as well.

It’s literally a wheels within wheels scenario with the opposing team not given a look-in.

When this charade was first aired in the public arena it was known as global warming.

When some questioned the accuracy of the ‘official temperature models’ and the possibility that temperatures were cooling rather than warming, the name was changed to climate change- well that covers a multitude of errors at any rate- fewer red faces for starters.

Of course all cases of extreme weather are attributed to man-made global warming irrespective.

3) Being a God-believer

Now, nobody cares what you believe, no that’s not true, if you believe you ARE the sun, moon, stars, and even the universe itself, ok fine.

Believe in a God who dwarfs the universe, not ok. In fact if you’re Christian you are on par with a Jihadist.

According to one-eyed atheists or anti-theists you’re an anti-evolutionist and man-made global warming denier as well. You are a religious extremist and a potential terrorist in the making. Possibly like Baptists with bombs? How about Catholics with cannons and crossbows? Maybe it’s the Methodists with missiles? So looks like you’re forced to take one for the team again, whether you like it or not. Labels make people comfortable about stereotyping others, thinking they have a handle on the matter, rather than admitting what they don’t understand.

4) Being a Traditional Liberal

Tell a progressive that you’re a traditional liberal and you’ll get a blank stare.

To them all liberals are supposed to be progressives. Any other liberal is right-wing and provides them with the excuse of pinning the fascist label on you. Even the fact that traditional liberal is firmly positioned in the centre, as opposed to either right or left wing, is unlikely to carry any weight with them.

But look at it this way, they’ve been brainwashed- they don’t know any better.

They deserve your scorn and pity.

It’s lost on these people that just because they’ve moved far left, doesn’t mean everybody else has moved as well.

5) Being Politically Incorrect

Now, this one covers all the bases. Take your pick. Apart from categories 1-4 let’s consider the additional ones.

Racism, Feminism, Homophobia, Transgender phobia, any other non-mentioned gender-related phobia- too many to mention- Class phobia, ageism, cultural phobia, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Christo -phobia, antitheism. See how ridiculous this all is.

6) Anti-Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is otherwise known as the melting-pot. Throw all different cultures in the mix and stir.

This is more an anti-cultural view than anything else. Its aim is to remove any trace of cultural pride and differences and replace with a Marxist -dictated bland culture. A type of grey-man syndrome if you will. All the better to indoctrinate you, my dear

Ever heard anyone say I never chose my culture, I was just born into it. So they use their lack of so-called choice in rejecting their own culture, and so facilitating acceptance of a non- culture. It’s bazaar to say the least. Nobody chose to be born either, but that’s not an excuse nor does it constitute an acceptable argument.

Cultural Marxism also hopes to eliminate religious differences as well, which forms part and parcel of culture.

7) Anti- Ideology

Stay away from ideologies, clearly this cannot be stressed emphatically enough.

It’s a road to nowhere, too high-minded, impractical and doomed to failure.

Can only be achieved with the assistance of brain-washed populations, an extensive surveillance system, and dictatorial political leaders. Good reasons for the idea of ideologies to be shunned by thinking individuals everywhere.




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