Mea Culpa- News Media Guilty As Charged

It’s been quite a week for disclosures relating to the news media industry,a journalist and top editor have publicised thoughts and revealed startling information in two separate instances.

BBC journalist John Darvall,in a blog post urges people to “believe nothing you read or watch”.
A family tragedy, – the accidental death of his daughter – and the way it was handled by several outlets prompted him to air his thoughts about the BBC and the British media in general.
He reckons the internet is the bastion of real media saying “the internet allows us to come to our own conclusions by checking our own facts. We can’t trust the traditional outlets to do it properly for us. If they can’t even get their facts right, be trusted with clear information and then report it accurately, ………………………….no wonder we are all turning to the internet for our news and information.”

The explosive revelations of a top German editor, who admits mea culpa with regard to the role he played personally,in addition to the culpability of the news media across the board,is astounding.
He lays it out in an RT YouTube video, published in October last year,confirming what many people have long suspected- that news media is controlled, in turn controlling the narrative it delivers to the public at large.

Dr Udo Ulfkatte steps out of the shadows of MSM media to reveal the deceitful conduct of this group, working in collaboration with the CIA, in tandem with the US and German Governments.

He notes CIA control of the news media is not confined to Germany but operational internationally.

Ulfkatte begins by introducing himself as a journalist with 25 years- experience, educated to lie and betray the public.

He reveals that many journalists in foreign countries are not genuine or accredited but are known as non-official cover, a term coined for those working unofficially for intelligence agencies.
In the event of their cover being blown, official denials would be issued by these agencies.

German and US media enlists war propaganda against opponents, having a strong pro-US- European bias in its news reporting and analysis.
As Ulfkatte notes, war doesn’t occur in a vacuum,but is lobbied for behind the scenes by Governments and their sponsors.

Dr Ulfkatte mentions his fear of a new war in Europe being promoted by the establishment, prompting him to speak out about the deception which is such an integral part of mainstream media. He refers to his country-and similar ones- as a banana republic having no true press freedom.

He was made an honorary citizen of the state of Oklahoma in the US, on the basis of being sponsored by the CIA to produce pro-American articles.
He expands this line of reasoning further by referring to Germany as a colony of the US, having both American military bases and nukes.

Ulfkatte mentions an assignment in 1988 when he was despatched to Zubeida in Iraq during its war with Iran. His mission was to photograph the mustard and sarin gas attacks prominently featured in the media. As he wryly notes, the gases used on victims were manufactured and supplied by Germany. The irony being the play on Iraq’s expanded chemical warfare program in the press. This was the first time accusations of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East surfaced. It would by no means be the last.

All ‘credible’ German journalists are affiliated to trans-Atlantic Organisations-having contact with both members and guests- examples being Intra-NATO countries, also those such as EU, NAFTA, EC and others.
These journalists are personally approached and ‘recruited’ to be strongly pro- US-European in their geo-political perspective, being awarded with bribes and contacts for their complicity.
These Trans-Atlantic organizations invite their journalists to visit the US on all-expenses paid trips to cement and expand contacts, including those in the Central Intelligence field.

Countries in the US/Western Alliance are; topping the list, Britain and Israel.
Other countries are; France,-to a lesser extent-and behind Germany- Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, Taiwan, and the Sultanate of Oman, in South West Asia. Although there may be other countries involved periodically with the alliance,the listed ones are the puppets on a string of central intelligence.

He calls German Foreign Intelligence- founded by the CIA and known as BMD-the sister organisation of the American Intelligence Agency.
Ulfkatte describes how a member of the BMD called on him at his office requesting an article on Libya and General Gaddhafi. He was supplied with secret information, requested to publish an article containing the info, rubber stamping it by using his own name.
The information concerned Libya secretly building a poison gas factory, information of which he was unaware, the “facts” unknown to him.

He also reveals how he has been bribed by billionaires to write specific articles.

Ulfkatte mentioned a case of a guy, a pilot by profession, employed by the Yellow Angels,a German rescue organization, who was approached to be a non-official cover, but declined.
He lost his job, his appeal turned-down by a German court upholding the termination decision as “the correct one because he could not be trusted.”

Ulfkatte claims his house has been subject to searches on six occasions, for the reasons of “leaking
secrets of the State”

He has written an expose on the mainstream news media in a book titled “Gekaufte Journalisten”

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