Don’t Call Me Fascist

Political left- right wing dialogue- or what passes for it- has become rinsed in intolerance- clothed in rhetoric and adorned in hysteria of late.

From illegal mass migration in Europe to the US presidential elections it seems the middle ground of the political spectrum is no more and only the left-right divide exits.It’s the clash of the Titans between the progressives and conservatives and woe betides anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the programme. Trouble is the programme’s corrupted and the system crashes under close inspection. So- scrutinise we will.

Take the hackneyed labels of fascist- Nazi and Hitler liberally applied to those in the conservative stable.
Perhaps it would be prudent to compile a list of what fascism is and what it isn’t and work from there.

What fascism isn’t?

Fascism isn’t nationalism per se.
Fascism isn’t patriotism per se.
Fascism isn’t being opposed to mass migration.
Fascism isn’t conservative or right wing.
Fascism is not Christian. The Nazi’s had a connection to the occult through symbolism and its history.
Fascism is not racism per se. What?-don’t believe me- how then to account for Mussolini’s Italian fascism? He had no interest in racial theory nor was Italy a race-based state. So the stereotype is thumb suck? Difficult one to explain it seems. Throw this one back at those who love rhetoric and watch them squirm- which is always fun.

What fascism is?

Broadly speaking fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism with a loosely-based corporate-state economic alliance.

The Nazi party was national socialist- the term socialist is a giveaway- ergo affiliated with the left wing.

Fascism is collectivist -anti traditional liberalism with its emphasis on individual human rights.

Communism and fascism are different sides of the same coin.

A lot of sources agree on the above point. The book “The Devil in History” is one example- both ideologies are described as utopian in nature- are connected to a new world order- The Reich’s 1000 year reign- communism’s new way- both are authoritarian- communism with ideology as its centre- fascism with a dictatorial leader.

At the turn of the 20th century the world’s elites were known as internationalists- now they are called globalists- irrespective- the powers-that-be have always opposed nationalism- it’s their enemy-little wonder then that fascism was used to a large degree to demonise nationalism. Multiculturalism is regarded as untouchable- almost sacred in nature as it props up the welfare state by providing voting- fodder- low- waged and compliant populations for globalists and their agenda.

So you can see why the air reeks with desperation right now.

Television anchors have become a spoof-specializing in rhetoric-low-grade information and propaganda. Throwing everything they have at their opponents- no matter if based on untruths -the operative words are discredit and demonise. And the public just regurgitate their talking points without any mental engagement on their part.

We certainly live in interesting if trying times.

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