Encounters of the Fifth Kind

There are more things in heaven and earth than in your imagination Horatio.

This immortal line is spoken in William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Hamlet.

Yet in an age wedded to the philosophy of materialism which holds to physical matter being the substance of all things alone the imagination clearly doesn’t extend too far.

The theory of a fourth dimension in physics is a mathematical model combining three dimensional space and time into a single entwined field called space-time.

Three dimensional spaces are what we familiar with and understand- we cannot visualize a fourth one- a few mathematicians who work with 4th and 5th dimension spaces visualize it in slices or projections. They take an object in the higher dimensions and flatten it to fit to 3D.

So God intercepting the 3D realm would have to “decrease” in order to have an encounter with a human.

And He would be capable of suspending the planet’s basic forces of nature to do so?

It’s difficult- nigh impossible- to perceive higher dimensions from lower ones but from highest to lowest everything is observed.

The three space dimensions of length, width and height needed a fourth one of time to calculate movement or speed- so it would perhaps be accurate to refer to the spiritual realm as being from the fifth dimension upwards.

People are equally repelled and attracted by supernatural experiences.

Yes- scepticism and an anti-religious bias is at the heart of it- but maybe another aspect is fear-of not wanting their world view disturbed particularly as it may require something from them.

A beloved teenage girl who passed on shared a preference for the colour purple with her Dad.

On his birthday a purple balloon suddenly floats into their garden where the family are gathered
and lands at the favourite spot where his daughter used to sit.

A treasured pet cat-euthanized one Saturday morning due to terminal illness- is observed in close proximity through a kitchen window- three days later on a Tuesday afternoon- walking along the owner’s garden wall- then
jumping onto the roof.

Or the day his owner sat in the garden- heard a thud- and witnessed the vibration of the movable garden table he often descended on –all this on a perfect windless day.

Then there’re the religious encounters of the Christian persuasion- dreams, visions and visitations.

An individual who’d lost touch with the faith felt led to acquaint with the basics and began by meditating on the Gospels awoke the next morning to the audible masculine voice of “Praise God.”

He describes it thus; before I heard the Voice-the sound –similar to that of a key opening a doorway- echoed in my ears.

Another surprised by a divine Man –who propelled the individual forward by a sheer “magnetic force” into a face-to-face encounter with ……………who was later though to be that of Jesus.

A more devoted one-on being baptised in the Spirit –claimed to have physically experienced a force from the outside move right through his body at waist level- – and out the other side. Reminiscent of the words “out of his belly shall flow living waters”

A fourth had a more ominous encounter …… working on his computer late one night he heard a raucous coming from the bathroom. Eventually all went quiet. He suddenly had the urge to turn around.

Not even half a metre away stood something he could only describe as an alien- staring at him. The alien/demon then backed away- to the bathroom. The shocked individual went into the bathroom only to find the alien/demon gone.

The people above are not schizophrenic or delusional –they are of sound mind as much as sceptics might regard their experiences as incredulous.

Although the establishment promotes and sells a form of scepticism that borders on nihilism- at the top echelons of physics and other hard sciences it’s a different matter.

It has been claimed that the Large Hadron Collider based in Switzerland is being used in an experiment to open portals to other dimensions.

A Dutch photographer believes he may have captured a wormhole- similar to a black hole- on camera.
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The fascinating subject of the Hadron Collider and its goals will feature in a more detailed article at a later date.

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