What’s in a Name?

People have become increasingly alienated from one another all over the globe with groups deliberately divided along stereotypical lines- west from east- left from right- nationalist from globalist- ethnos from ethnos – secular from religious- different religions pitted against one another- the church divided against itself- and nations divided from within.

Let’s take a look at some words and meanings as language becomes just another weapon in this unfolding conflict.

As I write- a British Labour MP has been killed with reports circulating her attacker was a BREXIT supporter. The EU has wasted no time in using this tragedy for its own devious ends with its Commissioner of Migration- no less- claiming Joe Cox was murdered for her dedication to European democracy and humanity.

Not to be outdone the Guardian newspaper referred to Joe Cox as the first Remain martyr- yes they did- with this guttersnipe rag plugging the tragedy as the fault of nationalism- BREXIT rhetoric and Nigel Farage- with its idiotic commentators buying into this narrative. This killing comes hot on the heels of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting earlier this week.

To quote a phrase- Houston- we have a problem.

The masks are slipping folks.

Okay I got side-tracked for a moment-now on with the article.

Some words have been so misused over time so as to have lost all original meaning.
Now let’s take a look at some words – their current meanings and origins.

Take a mundane word such as nice-its excessive use has always been discouraged but we still have an attraction to the word in the absence of a suitable other.

And let’s face it we’ve all used the word in phrases along the lines of; He’s a nice person- please be nice today- play nicely now and so on.

Nice means always being agreeable – never objectionable- not making waves- always fitting in with popular opinion.

But did you know that the word nice is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘stupid like a cow.’

Apologies extended to all the moo-cows out there.

And by adding three particular letters after the word cow you get the shady word – coward.

So it seems the word nice is distorted and really not so ‘nice’

The phrase safe spaces conjure up mental images of a sanctuary for victims of domestic violence and abuse but used in the modern context it is something entirely different.

Safe spaces are now defined as places where a group or individuals are protected from the opposing views of others-the idea being that exposure to different opinions is threatening as it “feels unsafe” so by extension equates with abuse anyway.

The idea behind specific groups isolating themselves from dissenters is defended as protecting minority and marginalized groups from discrimination and harassment rather than what it really is- preventing the interchange of ideas and stifling debate.

These safe spaces are not only becoming common place on universities campuses but proliferate throughout the internet with website operators more often than not censoring opposing views.

The roots of this modern safe place concept is said to relate to a Greek feminist group in 2009.

A trigger is a device that activates a gun.

But it’s also a cultural term that means someone causing another post- traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks by airing anti populist views within earshot.

Of course this includes commentary on internet sites.

“I went berserk because he triggered me” means he activated my meltdown so I bear no responsibility for my (re)actions –or so the justification goes.

Or as the urban dictionary put it; (trigger) a word often used by idiots on Tumblr to justify their bitchy attitudes- most of whom don’t know what a real traumatic experience is.

This word also originated in the Greek feminist movement.

The three letter word- Neo- attaches itself to words that are descriptive of latter day political and religious movements.

It’s a word we hear more frequently derived from the Greek prefixed word of neos meaning young but has been revised to mean new.
It has been described as the new mixed with the old- examples being Neoliberal-Neoconservative Neo-pagan and even Neo-Traditional.

So if you hear of a movement prefixed with the word neo- it’s one that’s been revived and called new with sketchy details filled in the blank spaces.

By far social media has had the biggest impact on the changing of language.

A troll is no longer a character from folklore but someone who makes provocative comments online.

A sock puppet is a self-serving fake on-line persona.

Astroturfing is no longer a plastic lawn but a fake online grass roots movement.

Doxing is the internet practice of researching and broadcasting information about an individual.

Below are some words that have completely changed meaning over time.

The word awful used to mean commanding awe

Artificial use to mean full of artistic skill

An inmate used to be a tenant or house wife

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