The Heir and the Spare

November the Eighth sees America’s nominated candidates cross the finishing line in a tightly contested two-horse race for the Presidency.

The difference between this election and previous ones is the hype and theatre on display in 2016 is at a whole new level.

It’s the shady Democrat Hilary Clinton versus the theatrical Republican Donald Trump with the establishment firmly in the corner of the former.

On the other side are disaffected Republicans and Libertarians rallying behind the enigma that is Donald Trump.

Trump supporters hail him as an independent at odds with his own party on important issues-mass immigration being number one-who will initiate changes for the better- but is this impression valid or are they labouring under an illusion.

The question that must be asked is where does Trump fall in the broader scheme of things far behind the public façade he presents.

It’s crucial to recognize political representatives serve at the pleasure of the US shadow government- not the electorate- irrespective of the political party they stand for.

You can be certain if Trump is elected come November he will read from the teleprompter and follow the agenda assigned him to a tee.

The establishment’s mouthpiece-monopolized media has pulled out all the stops to discredit Trump- okay sometimes he scores an own goal in this department- but ask yourself why- isn’t there something noticeably odd about his grandstanding?

Is this play-acting with a purpose-–a means of accommodating and controlling frustrations to channel them toward a desired outcome?
Yes Trump’s style might appeal to the disillusioned after the successive presidencies of Clinton, Bush and Obama- but is he really much different?

Who can forget Trump’s over-the-top comment about building a wall to keep out illegal migrants saying; I’m going to build the biggest wall you’ve ever seen”- come on- was this just rhetoric or a figure of speech- a veiled reference perhaps to the secured borders of the North American Union.

Just recently Mexico considered putting up a wall between its border and the neighbouring countries of Guatemala and Belize to stop refugees from these countries slipping through. In addition to keeping out refugees one can’t help but wonder if the wall will serve as a blockade for those from Canada, the US and Mexico.

Hillary Clinton might be the establishment choice- at least for now- but Trump is nonetheless an establishment figure.

Hotel and real estate tycoon-amongst other vast enterprises-Trump is not only the owner of a private business consortium but holds the title of Chief Executive Officer.

As a result he isn’t as transparent and accountable as the average CEO of a public company whose actions are restricted by shareholders so he might lean toward the autocratic side in his dealings.

Henry Makow suggests Trump’ s job is to throw the election to Hillary Clinton the preferred candidate- that’s the way I read the situation as well- by playing the clown Trump serves as a distraction from the criminal Clinton. Look no further than the media for proof of this claim.

Trump bashing is so passé for thinking people but for those swept up by the fake narrative it’s an obsession and international pastime.

Makow claims Trump’s handler is someone by the name of Michael Cohen- who supported Obama in 2004-but became disillusioned with his administration and joined the Trump Organization in 2006. Stewart Rahr-another billionaire- is another Trump backer.

Makow isn’t the only one linking Trumps business and social dealings to organized crime- but there’s also the ominous connections of Resort International the gambling outfit acquired by Trump in 1987.

Resort International was said to be established and controlled by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and associate agents within the CIA.

These illegally rigged casinos were operated in collusion with politicians and law enforces as well as Wall Street financiers who floated loans to finance these resorts.

In addition the laundering of drug and gambling profits were said to have been channelled into various covert operations.

The name of Hillary Clinton has become synonymous with Benghazi- the email debacle and the Clinton Foundation-in fact make that all things underhanded that haven’t come to light- just yet.
As the details of the above are well documented I won’t dwell on these issues here.

An interesting perspective is that of cartoonist and creator of the Dilbert cartoon-strip-Scott Adams- in his article titled- Trump, Dilbert, Wizards, Fear and Testosterone-he’s weird, provocative and spot on.

He also heads up a US election blog which should be mandatory reading for the politically uninitiated.
He’s not voting for anyone- that’s how they get you – he says.

And the reason- he sees both Trump and Clinton as master persuaders-clown-geniuses and wizards- even hypnotists.
Incidentally he predicts Trump will win by a landslide.

Interestingly Adams has a background in the study of hypnosis and the art of persuasion saying- the power (of politicians) is far greater than the public understands.

He maintains he’s not a political person- he doesn’t have any interest in this side of things.
He shares the fact he’s received death threats due to his negative portrayal of Trump.

He sees the value of Trump lying in his being open to misinterpretation- claiming this is part of a technique- not just random crazy talk.

Adams has referred to Robert Cialdini as “Godzilla”
And who is Cialdini- well he’s a black-belt in the martial art of persuasion hired by Clinton to swing the election in her favour.
Clinton’s current favourite rhetorical phrase is “weapons grade persuasion” which was probably penned by the newest member of her PR team-Robert Cialdini.

Hillary Clinton’s health is receiving a lot of attention in the independent media but is ignored by mainstream.
The priority of the establishment may be to ensure she’s at least voted in come November then deal with any problems after- even if this means her Vice- Tim Kane- will have to take the reins if the stories of her failing health are true and her condition deteriorates.

With the revelations of her criminality coming thick and fast will the establishment be able to contain it-if not-the one-woman crime syndicate that is Hillary Clinton might serve as the distraction for the Joker in the pack- if its decided that Trump be the heir to her spare.

Judge Jeanine has accused the Clinton Foundation of being a money laundering operation- not a charity- used as a slush fund.

Whichever way this one is played out the joke will be on the electorate after Election Day.

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