The Journey of Radicalism

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Radicalism is not random-it’s strategic- think of it in terms of a journey- with a starting and end point and a lot of mileage in-between.

To understand the analogy of radicalism as a journey it’s important to define what it is.

Radicalism challenges the established order with the intent of changing the ethos of organizations over time.

To achieve this aim the infiltration of organizations is required to corrupt from within.

Think of eighteenth century communist Antonio Gramsci’s description of ‘the long march through the institutions’.

It should be noted the Bolshevik Revolution was not communist by nature-despite the sloganeering which conveniently obscured the fact the revolt was sponsored by bankers and wealthy industrialists –to a large degree served as a hub for the advancement of revolutionary strategy through the notorious KGB.

But that’s another subject for another day.

If radicalism is gradual change over a period of time through deception then what of its counterpart – traditionalism- where does it fit into the overall picture?

If the nature of radicalism is to oppose and change-the nature of traditionalism is to preserve and defend.

If radicalism is a journey when does it reach its final destination?

The answer to that is when traditionalism abandons its role leading both sides to relinquish their differences as they merge -a fait accompli- or mission accomplished for the radicals.

It’s important to examine the factors that led to the demise of traditionalism.

Traditional societal values disintegrate;
This is due to huge generational attitudinal shifts- the early 20th century ideas of Sigmund Freud- two World Wars- and the 1960’s sexual revolution are good examples.

Judeo Christian Beliefs wither
Negative influences affecting traditional religions like Judaism and Christianity were Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution- atheist materialist philosophers such as Bertrand Russell- the elimination of separate categories for science and religion offering the choice of one or the other-not both- the sexual revolution-the 9/11 terror attack and the rise of the new atheists under the tutorage of their three musketeers- Christopher Hitchens and company.

Identity Politics
By far the biggest changes to the body politick in the 20th century was that of identity politics which changed the emphasis from one of individual rights balanced by the common good to one of group rights and unrestrained individualism.
In other words the philosophy that underpinned traditional liberalism was replaced by the new but not improved liberal progressivism.
Feminism and later Gay rights became subsets within the divide-and rule strategy that joined to form a two-pronged attack in the war on traditionalism.

Corrupted Politics
Hijacking of the political processes by special interest groups has accelerated over the last twenty years and is the new subversion.

The electorate does not rule- governments and vested interests do.

These vested interests known as lobbyists have an open door access to government denied the average citizen.

And these lobbyists are backed by big money- wealthy foundations channel funds through Non- Governmental Organizations in an increasing array of special interest concerns.

In fact a 2014 study by two political science professors concluded that ordinary people have no impact on government policy whatsoever- it’s decided by rich individuals- corporations and controlled interest groups.

Here’s a mind-boggling statistic-a World Bank Report reveals a massive increase in the creation of NGO’s over the past decade alone- from a number of 6 000 such groups in 1990 to 50 000 in 2006- a whopping 733% increase in just sixteen years. Imagine what the data to-date reflects.

It has been claimed representatives of the American Congress can be persuaded to change their vote on any issue for the right price- regardless of political affiliation.

An offshoot of political corruption is bribery which is found in every country-from the richest to the very poorest-not one country is unaffected by this blight.
How else does one account for western idealism popping-up in the remotest parts of the world where such concerns are the least of their troubles-this is only possible through the co-option of their politicians?
What can’t be accomplished through bribery they reason- might stand a chance with blackmail-which is employed as a tactic more often than not.

Conflict of interest as an ideal is non-existent as political representatives flit between lucrative careers in the political- corporate and lobbyist realms and back again through the aptly named revolving door- representing the easy access from one field to another.

The days when politics was considered an area for public service is long gone- a distant memory- if indeed it only existed as a nice-sounding ideal.

Nowadays politics exists for the sole reason of self-enrichment- public service be damned.
Unless serving those keeping the incentives flowing in exchange for political favours counts for anything.

We have come full circle- we’re right back where we started with the contentious topic of subversion.
Societal institutions have been infiltrated and subverted in entirety- from; universities-governments-opposition groupings- media organizations-the internet (the information wars)-redefining of language and meanings- also the Churches.

The whole system is corrupted.
No stone has been left unturned metaphorically speaking.
The ideologies of the twentieth century such as Progressivism- Nazism and Soviet Communism were but tools employed toward this end- not the end in themselves.

We have reached the end of traditionalism.
So therefore we have reached the end of the journey of radicalism.
Convergence has occurred.

The final destination in the journey of human history will be utopianism otherwise known as the New World Order. .

And we move closer toward this goal by the day.