The Unravelling

images-unravellIt’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly people started mentally unravelling-but the effects have been noticeable for a while now- accelerating over the last five years.

With rampant individualism no longer balanced by the societal measurement of the common good-with idealism replaced by ideology-where one opinion has the same value as another regardless and objective truth is non-existent people are literally tossed about by the winds of faddishness-or the new improved version of something or other.

A seasoned businessman and global traveller noticed changes in human behaviour a few years back.

Saying- approaching anyone in a major metropolis anywhere in the world to ask for directions one is met with a response similar to that of a deer caught in the headlights.

People are in an almost trance-like state operating on auto-mode-when this state is interfered with even at superficial level- confusion and fear is the result.

Maybe this is the result of living in a society that offers so many choices- but so little in the way of real information- in other words when only indoctrination is on offer human robots are the result.

Another oddity he mentioned was the behaviour of those literally glued to games and social media through cell-phones, iPods and iPads- so preoccupied with their toys to the exclusion of all else they narrowly avoided being run down by passing vehicles.

In New York the Mafioso-like police have been known to harass tourists and chase them away when photographing historical national sites or requesting street directions.

He noted the differences between city and rural dwellers-the latter group’s behaviour more consistent with societies of the past. Is that because they’re less likely to be plugged into the matrix than their urban-dweller cousins?

As this high-flier businessman so wryly notes; not too long ago when you struck up a conversation with someone there was alertness about them- a light behind the eyes that signified someone was at home- that’s not so certain anymore.

While eccentric people have always featured as part and parcel of the human behavioural spectrum-it’s not these that are referred to -but people who by virtue of their attitudes and actions fall into the unhinged category.

An elderly woman-on being complimented on her lively appearance remarked; the way the world is going I would never want to experience a miracle of age reversal.

The signs that support this observation are all around us-for those who have entered early middle age as well as the younger sect- the world is not the same one we grew up in.

Some claim the modern rat race is making people more unhinged as this style of living is at odds with our mental and physical wiring.

Cases of depression and anxiety are increasing proportionately to the rise in prescription drugs and the use of illegal ones.

In the past social connections and traditions were the antidotes for depression and there was considerably less pressure to perform on the workplace gerbil wheel due to a more frugal- read simplistic- way of life.

The high value placed on economic production for consumption is directly correlated with materialism-consumerism and individualism which ignores the bigger picture of the meaning of existence.

Mental illness is also on the up and up being another symptom of the times in which we live.

Traditional faith has given way to new age mishmash advancing to outright occultism as borne out by surveys.
And this spiritual dabbling in occultist practises is fuelling mental illnesses of the divided- mind kind peculiar to conditions like schizophrenia.

In all things political the buzzwords of “I’m not tolerant of intolerance” are just other words for “dissent will not be tolerated” by those plying the official narrative as they become more shrill in drowning out opposition.

The rise in technological advancement has coincided with the rise of ancient paganism.
Although it should be stressed not all technological advances are good- just like progress doesn’t always equate with improvement- it’s a case of one step forward and two steps back.

Narcissism has become the ugly underbelly of post modernism- this disorder results in an exaggerated sense of self-importance and entitlement in beliefs and behaviours. It’s the ultimate Look-at-Me syndrome.

Unhinged behaviour stems from a lack of self-control- which is the ability to control one’s emotions behaviours and desires to become a functional member of society.

Taking offense used to mean feeling personally insulted by something someone had said or done and the reaction to this actual or perceived slight was defensive in nature.

Now although taking offense has become compulsory in interactions on social media it
has changed into a tactic that feeds the egos of highly aggressive and unstable people.

It is employed in an offensive of unrestrained aggression against those with opposing views in an attempt to neutralize them. You’ve probably heard the saying- attack is the best form of defence. Well this describes the phenomenon to a tee.

It must be seen for what it really is -a tactic of the far left promoted by Marxist trade unionist organizer Saul Alinsky in his manual called Rules for Radicals.

Everyone loves victimhood- or so it appears- it’s the post-modernist fashion statement de jour when all’s said and done. It’s no fun when personal shortcomings can’t be laid at the door of somebody else thus saving time and effort in unnecessary introspection and personal responsibility.

Victimology is a mentality that indulges and perpetuates feelings of victimhood.

As a member of a particular ethnic group-nationality- sex or religion you are held personally responsible for others historical misfortunes right up to and including present times.

Again playing the victim card is a tactic-people with an agenda cannot afford to be seen in any other role -meaning if they’re not presenting themselves as hapless victims they’re the real instigators and aggressors in the plot.

In concluding I wish to highlight a very strange but true occurrence in England in the year 2008.

It concerns the odd antics of female identical twins captured on film on the M6 highway.

Apparently they were trying to commit suicide by running onto the busy freeway- but the tale has many twists and turns – piling weirder upon weird- but that’s enough from me….please read on.

The link below can be accessed on the face book page.

In addition a youtube video of the event is imbedded below.