Date With Destiny- World Updates

14469242_10154531104812365_1872078953_nYou will win every battle when you know your enemy and yourself
Sun Tsu

Gooday to you all

To those paying attention it’s obvious the world’s in turmoil with geopolitical crises occurring at such breakneck speed it’s difficult to keep abreast of the headlines let alone scrutinize them.

With extreme weather mirroring the political, economic and social turbulence we see all around we’re in for a bumpier ride still.

The politicians and their puppet masters have a motto- never let a good crisis go to waste- so we must wonder where all this is leading.

I’ll name a few of the world’s flashpoints off the top of my head; Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, South Korea- Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Kashmir and Turkey.

The US also qualifies as a flashpoint in its role of dominant global power broker and major player on the global chessboard.

The SHTF website narrows it down and names four of the world’s flashpoints.

In order of importance they’re; Syria- the South China Sea- Ukraine and North and South Korea.

Here’s a recent hot headline; US is considering air strikes against Assad despite top General warning this might lead to war with Russia

A contingent of the US State Department is committed to the idea of regime change in Syria with the removal of Assad the first step along this road. Thwarting the plan over the last year has been Russian involvement in Syria- initially joining the fight against ISIS but Russian support for Assad is a given and Putin has made it clear any military action against the Syrian President will be met by resistance.

And still the US pushes the envelope ……

And here’s the latest newsflash on the topic- The US has backed out of the plan to attack the Assad government as Russia threatens to shoot-down any planes carrying out airstrikes against the Syrian government.

US Election
Forget opinion polls- they’re not reliable indicators of who will win the elections as past experience has shown.

The chattering class remains morbidly fascinated by every seizure, collapse and absurdist rhetoric by two of the most disliked candidates in US history.

On the other hand those wise to reality KNOW this election is the same old three ringed circus act they’ve come to expect over the years.

Yet at the same time they KNOW everything’s different this time round- the country’s in a state of great flux obvious even to the casual observer. With race riots, police heavy handedness, terrorism, individual civil liberties under threat and polarization between the two main political factions not witnessed to date.

It’s inconceivable anyone would vote for that one woman crime syndicate otherwise known as Hillary Clinton or for her hyped contender and the country’s pseudo saviour-Donald Trump-although he presents as an independent is in reality another establishment bull-duster with dubious connections.

Anyway the US had another pseudo savior in Barrack Obama in 2008-and look how that worked out-this time round its just a case of another party another day-meaning more of the same old….same old……

The whole election catastrophe is just smoke and mirrors to the trained eye.

A Clinton presidency will be presided over by an Attila-the Hun type figure or as James Kunstler so aptly describes her; a wannabe racketeer-in–chief in full command of her instinctive deceit.

Both candidates represent a national drive toward political suicide.

Whichever party wins in November expect hostility on both sides of the divide to reach fever pitch as momentous changes ensure a rocky road ahead.

National Socialism on the way

What does it mean when Central Banks buy-up more and more stocks in public companies? This is socialism- or to use the correct technical term- fascism- where governments acquire stakes in businesses.

And what happens when they own them all?

Listen to what Marc Farber says; Central Banks could monetize everything and then you have communism and socialism through state (and private) ownership and full control of the means of production and consumption at national/global level.

It must be remembered that Central Banks are in essence the money power’s centralized controllers whether private or public owned.

Remember more businesses fold each year than are created leaving large corporations the main employers.

Rent-seeking through regulatory influence has become the new pathway to wealth enriching a lot of lawyers in the process-especially those in the human rights field as law-makers look to reinterpret constitutions adding ever increasing special rights groups and concerns to the list.

Employment by the State is the number one gateway to corporate sweeteners and visa versa with co-option the order of the day.

Rent seeking is the personal use of resources- corporate or otherwise- to obtain economic gain from others.

In other words its the pursuit of personal enrichment which has no benefit to society as a whole as opposed to creating wealth through increasing the number of new jobs available in the market place.

Bankers and Lawyers fall into the rent seeking category.

9/11 Bill blocked by Obama but overruled by Congress and Senate

Despite the threats by the Saudi’s the 9/11 bill vetoed by Obama has been overruled by both the Senate and Congress leaving the way clear for Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for casualties arising out of the 9/11 attacks.

Although what is even more intriguing beside the political fallout between the American Government and the Saudi’s is the Pandora’s Box this will open.

The implications are huge as this will encourage other countries to amend laws to sue the US State Department or CIA for fatalities originating from American involvement in proxy wars and sponsored terrorism in their lands.

This bill will also lead other countries to pass legislation indemnifying them against any claim by the US.
Prior to this bill the US could sue nations found guilty of terrorism causing the death of its citizens on its soil in a federal court.

This rejection of Obama’s veto is the first of its kind in the course of Obama’s two term presidency.
Not used to being overruled Obama has already called the decision a mistake.

Here’s an interesting headline;

Russia needs to embrace Ethiopia…………now….. says Katehon think tank

In 2015 Ethiopia was regarded as the world’s second fastest growing economy.

China has already invested billions of dollars in the country’s infrastructure which will give Russia an advantage according to the think tank.

Investment in Ethiopia’s energy sector will boost trade and diplomatic ties between the two countries with the completion of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in 2017 serving as a sweetener in the deal.

Russia is also cementing ties with the other party to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project- Egypt- with Russia granting Egypt a loan to build it first nuclear power plant according to reports.

And here is the sanitized- oops-filtered news

Facebook Twitter and 20 other news organizations are partnering in a drive to filter out online misinformation and improve news quality on social networks. Yes- this was the statement on Yahoo News. Please feel free to laugh out loud.

Some of these news organizations are Agence France Presse- the New York Times the Washington Post- Al Jazeera Media Network- the Telegraph and ABC News of Australia.
They wouldn’t be attempting to whitewash news on the internet now would they?-no never!

Why does the left always win?

Brett Stephens poses this question.

The left as he puts it is unreasonable and disorderly.

The left views civilization as the enemy and aspires to replace it with their own brand of goodness which they believe the right lacks.

The left is unrealistic caring only about ideological appearance and social popularity.

This view liberates them from the burden of the consequences of their actions.

The left appeals to the monkey dynamics of inclusion of everyone in every endeavour,

This is a socially correct concept similar in kind to having their brains “switched off”

He notes that every social group not policed by a hierarchy drifts leftwards.

To leftists there is no distinction between war and peace- hello George Orwell- if you remember in his view both terms was interchangeable.

Ideology is central to their existence- it brings on a high similar to that found in drug addiction which has to be pursued for its fix- to maintain equilibrium.

So the left is always at war- having no loyalty to either patriotism or heritage.

To them the only large organizational structure acceptable is the herd because a crowd enforces individual rights by removing accountability.

Stephens sums up saying; Leftism is pathology-an individualistic genre manifesting through collectivism creating a semi-suicidal mentality.

It also creates robotic zombie-like ideological warriors for whom life is misery and the only relief found is in destroying enemies.

El Sisi’s warning to Obama

You left the Egyptians for Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. You turned your back on Egyptians and they won’t forget that.

Don’t use Allo messenger application says Snowden

For those who are concerned about privacy and surveillance Snowden advises to avoid Google’s Allo messenger application.

It records all messages and is available to police on request.

The Road to peace runs through Jerusalem and Ramallah not New York- Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has said to the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas.

He said this in response to Abbas’s address to the UN on Palestine advising him rather to speak to the Israeli people regarding a solution to the Palestinian question.

Netanyahu called the UN Human Rights Council a joke and UNESCO a circus- and said Israel will not accept any UN imposed solution in the Middle East.

The dilemma for Israel is that it receives at least $3billion per year from the US comprising one third of America’s foreign budget.

Just recently Obama allocated a record $38 billion in military aid alone-a deal which will run for the next ten years.

If Israel wants more autonomy in the region it must break it reliance on US money because presently Babylon is the piper that calls the tune.

There is no such thing as a free ride-accepting generous aid packages means Israel will be expected to make generous concessions dictated by the US and its international institutions.

Take it or leave it.

On receiving the news of this latest incentive the normally po-faced Netanyahu who has a frosty relationship with Obama cheered up enough to crack a joke and invite his nemesis on holiday to Israel after the elections and a round of golf.

Well what else could he do under such taxing circumstances?