Revelatory News Brief

End women’s suffrage before the election say women polled on Youtube.

Face-palm alert issued

Info wars Mark Dice is known for his impromptu polling of the general public highlighting their ignorance on many issues.

He doesn’t disappoint this time round either- a group of young women’s opinions are sampled on the question of ‘should women’s suffrage be ended before the US election’

Without exception the answers were affirmative- and no- these young women weren’t expressing an anti- feminist view-they were the trendies waxing lyrical about ideas supporting feminism but failed to understand the meaning of the word suffrage.

Maybe suffrage sounds similar to suffering- and at least the first four letters are the same for both words- not so?

If this segment was meant to be humorous it’s more tragic than anything.

It shows that people don’t listen to what’s being asked- don’t understand what’s being asked- just assume the dominant politically correct stance is the only one prompting an unthinking knee jerk response to a trick question- insofar as they’re concerned.

Watch the video.

President Rodrigo Duterte said today- There are those of us against the world- China, Philippines and Russia. He said in reference to the US- ….so time to say goodbye my friend.

In this venue I announce my separation from the US both military and economically.
America has lost.

He then launched into a verbal attack on Obama repeating his ‘son of a whore’ insult.

Although Duterte probably isn’t aware his insult is symbolic in the prophetic sense.

What more can be said- Duterte’s unprecedented course of action has enormous repercussions for US influence in the region.

Agent provocateurs in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has accused elements in Eritrea, Egypt and elsewhere of being behind the wave of violent protests that prompted its government to declare a 6 month State of Emergency.

Egypt has been named a likely culprit because it’s been at loggerheads with the Ethiopian government over the Renaissance Dam project with its goal thought to include the suspension of operations.

Alemante Gebre Selassie- an Ethiopian National and Law professor stationed in Maryland US wrote an opinion piece in the Guardian saying; the world must support calls for a new government.

The question is which country has the most to gain from regime change in Ethiopia?
A hint- it’s certainly not Ethiopia.

The problem isn’t the protests but that terrorist groups using activists as a front are waging a hybrid war in the country with geopolitical considerations its driving force.

The possibility of these groups being aided and abetted from the outside is a safe bet- as Ethiopia has been within the sights of foreign lobbyist groups in the past.

With economic and political ties established with China- and Russia expressing interest in this area- it’s a case of ‘now more than ever’.

Did I mentioned there are natural resources such as oil and gas involved -with Ethiopia strategically positioned near the horn of Africa and a gateway to the Middle East.

Recently China finished construction of a shiny new railway system with a new route to Djibouti- known as the Red Sea State with easy access to the Suez Canal-adding more value to a nation that has outperformed other African countries over the last decade.

So who are these foreign agent provocateurs said to be stirring up dissent and instability.

Can you say State Department?

Why the 25th October?

Well aside from it being the birthday of a family member- or payday if you prefer- I don’t know the significance of the date.

I had a strange dream recently associated with the 25th although it wasn’t anything spectacular.
The image of a monitor comes to mind with a blank grey background on which was superimposed in red the date-25 October. It was vivid and strange.

The Italian Referendum on remaining in the EU

This referendum on 4 December this year may well decide the fate of the EU and the Euro currency.

The Financial Times opines on a negative result; it would lead to the most violent euro shock in history- dwarfing the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008 and the 1929 Wall Street crash.

It’s a given that the current migrant crisis in Europe will determine the outcome.

Russia prepares

The Crimean peninsula is being turned into a secured fortress according to the Russian press. It will be a military outpost of Russia in the Black Sea region as well as prepared to defend itself even when cut off from the mainland.
A complete and self- sufficient military force is being deployed in Crimea.

Russia is recalling all its students in the west even those who haven’t completed their studies-with reports of bomb shelters constructed in preparation for nuclear war.

Abbas “The Jew”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is in the line of Palestinian fire for attending the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Pares in Jerusalem.

Abbas is getting it in the neck from all quarters- his foes in Hamas, Islamic jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine as well as from his own ruling Fatah faction.
It’s been said he’s facing the most serious challenge to his leadership.
Abbas has been called a dog and an Israeli collaborator.

By attending the funeral he’s been declared guilty of treason- with one of the leaders of the Islamist movement in the Gaza Strip saying; according to Islamic teaching, Abbas qualifies as a Jew-…….. he’s an Israeli product.
It seems it will be a long while- if ever- before the outcry dies down.

The Clinton Foundation’s huge overreach

Norway contributed handsomely to the Clinton Foundation for the period
2007-2015-with it being suggested the appointment of Jens Stoltenberg as the new NATO Secretary General and awarding the Nobel peace prize to Barrack Obama were some of the spinoffs.

More affordable Heroin for all

When the US invaded Afghanistan heroin production increased dramatically- when it flooded American streets the price was driven downward.
With the US controlling Afghanistan’s borders and airports no prizes for guessing how the drug got from there to here-in the US.

White woman identifies as Black

It had to happen sometime considering all the other lunacy in the air.
Rachael Dolezal was caught in the act of presenting as a black woman and has since admitted she’s Caucasian.

But wait- it gets stranger still- according to the Raleigh News Observer Dolezal has been chosen to speak at a Martin Luther King day celebration in January.

And what‘s the reason for this decision? It is to help with healing race relations through conversation and participation.

According to the daft logic of one- Al Cohen- CEO of Jireh Management Group-she was selected because she was (unfairly?) portrayed as a major villain in the media all due to her preferred racial identity. So a bad thing- being an imposter- was in hindsight actually a good thing- because she chose the right preferred group over the wrong one.

As the hackneyed phrase goes; you can’t make this stuff up.

Could the Sun wipe out humanity?

According to scientist’s super flares erupting from the star could destroy our atmosphere as magnetic fields on super flare stars are typically stronger than on our sun.

Super flares have been found on stars with fields weaker than ours.

There is a possibility there may have been a super flare in 775 AD.
Solar flares occur when large magnetic fields on the surface of the sun collapse releasing huge amounts of magnetic energy.

Astronomers acknowledge that while super flares are rare they are a possibility with catastrophic consequences.
Like that of Ezekiel’s Fire or Wormwood in Revelations?

High divorce rates correspond with rapid decline in religion

This is a rare perspective you won’t find in the mainstream.

An article in the Washington Post links two societal trends and how they’ve affected one another.

They are; divorce rates climbing to the highest levels in the 1980’s where half of all marriages ended in divorce.

The US becoming less religious- in 1972 those not affiliating with religion stood at 5 percent compared to today where the figure is 25 percent.

The Public Relations Research Institute says children of divorced parents grow up to be adults of no religion.
And adults whose parents divorced when they were children are more likely to grow up to be non-religious.

35 percent of children of divorced parents told pollsters they are now non-religious compared with 23 percent of people whose parents were married when they were children.

Other stats were as follows; 29 percent of adults raised religious left the faith because of perceived negative teachings about gays.

19 percent say they left because of clergy sexual abuse scandals.

A whopping 60 percent said they simply don’t believe what the religion teaches.

Andrew Root, a professor at Luther seminary who wrote a book about spiritual consequences of divorce for children says he’s not surprised by the findings.

Abandoned children of yesterday have become the alienated youth of today because the Church never addressed the natural and spiritual consequences of divorce-especially those involving adultery.

Obama executive order hints at space event

Once considered a fringe conspiracy theory it appears the Obama administration is preparing for a massive solar event which could wipe out life as we know it.

In the executive order Obama calls for coordination between various government agencies including the department of Defence and homeland security should a major space weather event come to pass.

Further down in the report he mentions solar flares by name.

Wiki-leaks exposé

Nothing reveals the real nature of politicians more than those off the cuff- off the record- unguarded remarks.
The Trump tape caused a predictable firestorm- but Clinton’s shocking commentary dropped off the radar screen – or it would have- were it not for Wiki-leaks.

The tape’s release’s was also impeccable timed to pre-empt and eclipse the hot on its heels Wiki-leaks email releases – certainly no mere coincidence.

Two thousand odd emails recently released by Wiki-leaks called the Podesta files- in honour of Clinton’s campaign manager- shone a spotlight on the inner workings of Clinton- her presidential campaign team and the DNC-Democratic National Convention.

A Clinton Campaign email part of Wiki-leaks data dump speaks of the need to maintain political power by producing an unaware and compliant citizenry.

Put another way the political class is relying on your ignorance and passiveness to stay in power.

Political manoeuvrings

Wiki-leaks claims Clinton endorsed Trump as Republican Party Presidential Nominee months before his appearing on the political scene.

Clinton’s plan was to promote Pied Piper candidates like Trump-Cruz and Carson only to discredit them thus swelling her Democratic support base with disaffected traditionally Republican supporters by painting the GOP as having moved further right.

Wiki-leaks don’t mention the likelihood of these candidates being in on the plan.

Neither is it mentioned if this plan is to bring about the demise of the Republican Party as we know it.

Nevertheless it’s an interesting proposition.

Maybe the clues in the description ‘Pied Piper’ much like the fable after its named says it all.

Infiltration of the Catholic Church

Clinton’s campaign staff also hold low opinions of Catholics-calling them severely backwards. In an email titled-Conservative Catholicism-a three-way conversation occurs between John Podesta- Jennifer Palmieri- Director of Communications for the Clinton Campaign and John Halpin of the Centre for American Progress.
Halpin writes; many of the most powerful elements of the Conservative movement are Catholic- from the Supreme Court and think tanks to the media and social groups.

Assassination of a Supreme Court Judge?

Hmm- maybe there’s a lot of truth underpinning speculation that Judge Scala was murdered. Is it just another case of conspiracy minus the theory? It appears the so-called tin foil hat is becoming mandatory hat-wear so don’t leave home without this essential accessory.

A recent wiki-leaks email said to allude to Scala’s assassination caused a sit on the internet with some claiming the terminology used is synonymous with the workings and style of the former KGB and confirmed the Judge was murdered.

Setting up Catholic Front Organizations

In an intensive effort to enlighten said backward Catholics- John Podesta reveals in an email that the organization-Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good-was set up to masquerade as the real thing to lure Catholics into supporting liberal causes promoted by the Democratic party.

I quote here; there needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a Middle Ages dictatorship…….

Podesta continues; like most Spring movements I think this one will have to be bottom up.

Now listen while I clarify something you frigging ignoramus- most-if not all movements are dictated from the top down as you’ve just so ably demonstrated. And like the Arab Spring ’revolutions’ just because something is called a spontaneous grassroots movement doesn’t mean it really is.

It’s also important to point out that the Catholic front organization (CIACG) and John Podesta have close ties with the Obama administration.