Beware of the Narrative

Keep your eye on the ball people.

Don’t fall for the cheap magician’s trick of now you see it now you don’t.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you we’re living in the throes of deception but even so it cannot be stressed enough.

Up is down, black is white, truth is lies and real news is fake news.

You probably get the picture- but don’t let’s dispense with the Orwellian speak just yet as its usage and context is more applicable now than ever.

Weeks before Christmas- without any fanfare- Obama signed into law a type of Orwellian Ministry of Truth in the form of the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act to co-ordinate and synchronize counter propaganda efforts.

This act gives the US Government the means to legally crack down on every media outlet it believes to be involved in foreign propaganda.

The act’s overreach also extends to fake news with search engine platforms and social media drawn into the fight with the authority to permanently ban offenders.

BUT- according to the book-1984-there’s another contrary and macabre Orwellian ministry that dovetails with where we stand right now.

And that’s the Ministry of Love which enforces loyalty to Big Brother government through fear – think in terms of expanding technological surveillance systems-and brainwashing- think-mind control.

This ministry is the most powerful as it hijacks and controls the will of the people by using thought police- both the appointed and the self-appointed kind.

No wonder sales of George Orwell’s book 1984 have increased since the fake news narrative was aired some months ago.

Propaganda is a major tactic of the Ministry of Love- it’s a potent form of brainwashing that’s all about controlling the narrative.

Since mainstream media controls the narrative through monopoly of big media outlets- this is the place we’ll focus our attention.

The media was at great pains to present the recent women’s protest rallies as spontaneous with grassroots movements calling the shots when in fact they’re anything but.

Media’s spin on the protests was to hide the fact that over 50 odd motley participating organizations were funded by so-called philanthropist billionaire George Soros.

Records showed a wide spectrum of coalitions and groups present- from the feminist movement, climate change activists, LBGT activists, Hilary’s Democrats, Bernie’s Democratic Socialists, dissident Catholic organizations/orders, communists and anarchists all reading like a veritable who’s who of socio-political justice.

The protest’s leadership put in a lot of effort into explaining it was a women’s rights march- not an anti- Trump one-which would have taken place regardless whether he was elected or not.

The trouble is they forgot to pass the message on to their grassroots supporters who were in the majority anti-Trump who despite their varying political views were united in the cause of protesting Trump’s presidency.

Aside from those against him for socio-political reasons- a fair amount had conveniently internalized Trump’s recorded remarks about his escapades with women and brought along their personal axes to grind.

Someone would have to be a special kind of stupid to believe the protests were anything other than a stage-managed event directed from the top and funded to the max for the purpose of mobilizing the US population.

As a foreign observer remarked; most Americans have focused on the stupidity of some of the groups in the march instead of the deviousness of it.

They want you distracted so you won’t see what’s really happening behind the scenes.

The Russian hacking scandal promoted endlessly in the press is another narrative that a lot of people fell for.

Confusing WikiLeaks leaked information with Russian government direct hacking they were under the impression that Russia was the invisible hand filling in ballot papers by corrupting the electronic voting system and throwing the election to Trump.

Even if the leaks were supported by Russia in no way does it translate into tampering with the electoral process.

In any event leaking information for political gain is a strategy of intelligence agencies worldwide- including the US- so the electorate has to accept and compensate for it.

It’s what is known in Intel circles as information warfare.

Lately attempts have been made to portray Trump as an elitist President owing his support to minority middle America- making his detractors the populists and calling into question the legitimacy not only of the election but the whole American electoral system laid out in the constitution.

Are setting narratives only reserved for media- what about the impact of influential people weighing in and contributing?

It seems like my prediction of a realigned united progressive force in US politics-a la Hillary and Bernie- is coming to pass together with the side-lining of conservatives and moderates in both parties.

The left is moving more left while it plans to make anything to its so-called right obsolete.

Controversial, radical documentary producer Michael Moore has for the second time called for a purging of the Democratic Party- he is on record saying the old guard must go as a clean sweep of the party is needed and old school democrats must be replaced by progressive ones.

Keith Ellison- Congressional Representative and co-chair of the Democratic Progressive Caucus and secret Muslim Brotherhood supporter-along with other extremist groups- has said Democrats will unite and take back the country.

Meanwhile funding for Bernie Saunders Democratic Socialists pours in according to reports.

Let’s also not forget the man who’s devoted his life to constructing narratives for personal and political gain while building an army of paid slaves towards this end -George Soros.

The point is that narratives serve a specific purpose-they don’t exist in a vacuum- they’re dedicated to convincing people of their truth in the pursuit of a specific outcome.

Undeniably the US is torn between division and flux but what direction will this change take?

Some pundits have predicted the climate in the US will deteriorate with civil war a likely outcome.

Others think it will be a revolution.

This may be a fringe opinion but is there a likelihood of the US becoming the victim of a colour coded revolution similar to the one the Obama government launched in Ukraine?

Basically coloured revolutions are sponsored populist protests co-ordinated on a large scale to de-legitimize governments to bring about regime change.

Another way of describing coloured coded revolutions is that they’re people revolutions making use of civilians and Non Governmental Organizations.

Just like the one in Maiden sponsors of the American Revolution are looking for a trigger to rally protestors around.

They’ve tried the “he hates women” spin and more recently the “he hates Muslim refugees” tag which have had some degree of success but they need to find that one peg on which to hang their cap.

Will that be Trump the Russian undercover agent just like Ukraine’s former President Yanukovych.

But how will Trump eventually respond to these ongoing protests?

Some suggest he rally his supporters in a show of strength in Washington DC and other major capitals in the country but such actions carry substantial risks.

If these protests continue unabated could martial law become a reality somewhere down the line?

To put a stop to the endless activism the immediate freezing of the financial resources of NGO’s involved in these campaigns is a number one priority but does Trump have to will to do this.

There are those of us who are skeptical about Trump being on the side of the angels and here’s why.

It’s an old establishment trick to feed into the sentiments of opposing groups to channel them into a controlled opposition where they call the shots rather than have shots fired at them.

In other words they’re petrified of spontaneous counter revolution.

The WikiLeaks emails revealed Hilary Clinton supported Trump as the Republican nomination for President to discredit him.

This might have been a short-term election strategy thought to work in her favour but WikiLeaks also suggested that the overall strategy was to destroy the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

Indeed Trump was referred to as the Pied Piper candidate-the gist of the story being about a strange man who promised to rid a town of their rat infestation for a fee-and it ends with the rats and the town’s children being enticed by his music and led away never to be seen again.

The moral of the story is- allow me to use some poetic license here- Trump has tapped into public sentiment by singing the right tune and making the right noises.

And make no mistake Trump is the chosen one and a witting actor in a role assigned to him as part of an all-encompassing plan.

The idea is to lull conservatives into a false sense of security by dousing the fires of resistance while using progressives as the attack dog to move their agenda forward.

As history has shown this is the Gramsci method of controlling both sides of the political divide.

Think about it- a member of the economic and political elite and former democrat suddenly appears on the scene and occupies the vacant chair reserved for the leader of an alliance of traditionalists and nationalists.

It’s almost too contrived in a cometh the hour cometh the man fashion.

His conservative views are in sharp contrast to those of his political and economic peers who back globalization and multiculturalism.

In fact you could say he sticks out like a sore thumb.

Much has been made of Trump’s opposition to the Federal Reserve and his plan to change the system but remember the western fiat financial set-up always came with an expiry date attached and we KNOW the system will change in the near future.

The moment Trump starts implementing changes plugging the idea of say- special drawing rights (SDR’s) as one example his supporters must understand they’ve been had- big time.

It’s possible the recent protests across the US serves to Trump’s advantage-not disadvantage as commonly thought.

It may provide him with a way-out as in; sorry kids-we tried- but there’s too much against us to succeed.

It’s been nice knowing you- now just play nicely with the progressives and go along to get along.

See ya around.

In the GOP- the Rino’s- Republicans in name only- are progressives who will impeach Trump when the time’s right.

But it’s the Democrats who are gunning for Trump to take back power from the Republican Conservative faction.

George Soros is not the only wealthy philanthropist posing a threat to the Trump presidency- meet Democratic operative David Brock and his liberal Political Action Committee (PAC) American Bridge.

It’s interesting to note that Brock’s American Bridge is one of the PAC’s that receive funding from Soros.

Brock recently spent a weekend away with more than one hundred major liberal donors mapping out a course to oppose Trump.

The organization’s confidential memo says; the campaign to stop him must be nonstop.

At American Bridge it has already begun.

American Bridge has launched a ‘Trump War Room’ which intends to monitor the personnel, policies and practices of the Trump Administration.

The war room has made it a priority to focus on Trump’s ‘possible’ ties to Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Russia.

To paraphrase a Democratic representative in the media recently; we will fight Trump in Government- through the courts and on the streets.

It sounds like a declaration of war all round folks.

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