Architects of Chaos

It was the defining moment of the 21st century with its horrifying televised footage etched on the psyche of most people everywhere, and then reduced to a stark statistic shortly after, known only as 9/11.

This year sees the 16th anniversary of the shocking events on the morning of 11 September 2001, when two hijacked passenger jets flew into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, felling them, and killing thousands.

There were a total of four planes hijacked that day- the third plane hit the Pentagon and the fourth crash landed in an open field after a group of passengers wrested control of the plane from the hijackers.

Despite the official story of the attack being the work of mastermind Osama Bin Laden and his Islamic terrorist network Al Qaeda- many people speculated about who was really behind the attacks-they wondered about the real Architects of Chaos-their collaborators and executioners.

9/11 was either a daring, coordinated Islamic terrorist attack- unlikely- OR-one intended to give that impression while being a deliberate game changer.

US intelligence possibly partnered with foreign accomplices making it an inside job with a difference- challenging our understanding of not only the reasons behind the events on that fateful day but how the world operates.

Some reports point to FBI contact with Bin Laden through a third party on a couple of occasions before 9/11–and-stranger still it’s claimed by an independent source that Bin Laden was assigned the code name of Tim Osman by the CIA for the purpose of frequenting US military bases and securing armaments back in the 80’s.

There was unbelievable hullabaloo surrounding his supposed capture and killing under the Obama administration.

But could Osama Bin Laden have succumbed to kidney failure and died at the end of 2001 like some sources suggest?

Alternately- in a 2007 interview Pakistani Prime minister Benazir Bhutto claimed the Al Qaeda leader was murdered years ago- then named his assassin- Omar Sheikh- did this lead to her murder only two months later?

Bin Laden always denied any role in the 9/11 atrocities but numerous tape recordings suddenly emerged where he claimed responsibility for the attacks- was this an about turn on his part or were the tapes bogus-recorded and released only after his death?

Spinning the lie he was alive gave the US the excuse it needed to prolong its war on terror and boost its propaganda effort.

Seymour Hersh, veteran US investigative journalist argues that knowledge of Bin Laden’s whereabouts went right to the top of the Pakistan army and Intelligence Service although the CIA denies this.

Maybe elements within Pakistan’s Military and Intel sympathetic to Islamic militants initially sheltered Bin Laden in a type of protective custody- that is until the order to eliminate him came from US intelligence.

Since the 1970’s the US set the stage for the radicalization of Islam through its involvement in Afghanistan by arming the Mujahedeen against the Soviets and every other faction in-between -stirring rivalry and ensuring Afghanistan became the breeding ground for a global Jihad movement with volunteer fighters streaming in from all over the Muslim world.

Osama bin Landen was one of those fighters recruited by the CIA in Afghanistan and likely the perfect decoy for 9/11- the standard fall guy-a convenient peg on which to hang 9/11 to detract from the real culprits.

The BBC documentary titled The Power of Nightmares has top CIA officials admitting the so-called Al Qaeda terrorist network was a fabrication which doesn’t exist and never has- the video has since been removed from you tube although it can be purchased online.

Any good detective in a crime investigation works to establish a motive first and foremost and the motives for the 9/11 attacks are both compelling and wide ranging.

Looking back, the event was a huge signpost to the future, a shape of things to come, a flashing neon light signaling trouble ahead in the form of drastic geopolitical and societal changes.

You see-the event never occurred in a vacuum because it’s not only nature that hates an empty space but men and their schemes.

But one thing’s for certain- 9/11 was an event which radically changed the world in its wake.

The attack was the kick-off to a new global order with old ways of thinking redundant, and having to give way to a new mind-set.

A UN envisioned plan for the twenty first century sets-out this new way of thinking;

The old paradigm is defined as follows;

Beliefs- Traditional
Culture- Western Individualism
Values- Traditional/Biblical
Morals- Moral boundaries
Rights- Personal freedom
Economy- Free enterprise
Government- By the people

Compared to the new paradigm;

Beliefs- Blend of New Age & earth centered religions
Culture- Global solidarity
Values- Based on Human Idealism
Morals- Sensual Freedom
Rights- Social Controls
Economy- Socialist Collective
Government- By those who control the masses

The old divide and conquer strategy used so successfully against populations since Roman times was to be combined with a radical twist- granting diverse groups preferential status at the expense of the one group considered to be out of vogue- western traditionalism.

Samuel Huntington’s controversial essay published some years before 9/11 titled; The clash of civilizations and the remaking of world order-caused a stir-it also earned him a lot of flak from his peers and Marxists.

He wasn’t opposed to immigration per say but argued in favour of retaining the United States Anglo-protestant heritage saying immigrants should conform to the country’s historical identity.

At the heart of his clash of civilizations theory was the idea that future conflicts would be based on cultural differences- between religions AND ideologies.

As Islam is both a religion and an ideology Huntington saw this clash primarily between the Islamic Middle East and the post-modernist West.

But he saw something else as well- the clash of civilizations in multicultural America resulting in civil war.

Now fast forward to 2017 where an underhanded alliance of convenience exists between progressives and Islam to overturn the country’s heritage.

Jihad, the ideology of death, and progressivism, the culture of death, are currently locked in a grotesque dance of doom with neither side knowing who’ll eventually take the lead.

Needless to say all this is being directed by the invisible hand behind the scenes manipulating everything and hedging bets on the outcome.

I can list the changes produced by 9/11 off the top of my head; endless war, the surveillance state, global terrorism, the acceleration of globalization, engineered mass migration, the nanny state, the push for a cashless society and so on.

But 9/11 changed the world in so many ways its difficult to know where to start beyond the immediate fallout.

One thing we can all agree on is that democracy is under threat post 9/11- with the public having less say in this new globalized village where sovereignty has been surrendered to international bodies and multinationals alongside treacherous governments who have sold out the public at large.

Ironically- as the world gets smaller due to the internet, international treaties, lobbyists and porous borders-governments gets bigger-with overreach now the operative word.

The ever expanding role of the state has pushed private life and its associated freedoms into the public square with new emphasis on regulation, enforcement and control as government moves well beyond its core mandate of governance.

Government prohibitions like hate speech and public accommodation laws now limits or bans outright private expressions like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association and Freedom of Religion.

The public square used to be just that- a place where the public could be free to express themselves, study, debate, work, and worship are now nothing but government enforcement zones under the banner of ‘go along to get along’ placing long held freedoms at risk.

In fact the right to freely express yourself and operate accordingly has been confined to four walls- your home.

Even places of worship and their community outreach is increasingly re-defined in view of the service they provide to outsiders placing them under public accommodation laws.

Globalization was the brain child of the elite for the benefit of the elite so it should come as no surprise to realize they intend to use the concept to re-fashion the world according to their ideals- or how it best serves their interests.

We have witnessed the standardization of laws around the globe through the lobbying of governments by special interests groups both directly and by subterfuge- bypassing the electoral process.

Cultural relativism is no more- its been stripped and washed clean in the cultural melting pot-there is only one culture- one that supports the principles of western idealism.

Did you know George Bush Senior- otherwise known as George Herbert Walker Bush- made his infamous New World Order speech on 11 September 1991-ten years to the day before 9/11.

Is this just coincidence or telling.

I don’t know much about the subject of numerology but can’t help but notice that this year sees in a number of important anniversaries.

9/11= 16 years
The Bolshevik Revolution = 100 years
Israeli control of Jerusalem = 50 years
The Protestant Reformation = 500 years.

The beginning of the fall of the American Empire might have started with JFK’s assassination-continued with 9/11 -through the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq- onto the war in Syria and regime change in Libya- ending with the Arab Spring.

Only time will tell.

A secret congressional report on 9/11 comprising of 28 pages has yet to be released- the likelihood of this information ever being declassified is probably unlikely.

The vid below offers some interesting perspectives nonetheless.


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