Game Plan

If the Twentieth Century was known as the age of ideologies how will we define the Twenty First?

Welcome to the millennium where everything is about strategy, absurdity and confusion but while each of these dynamics are connected its strategy that’s the driving force in the tale with the last two just the results.

Considering the madness all around it’s time to look at the direction the world’s headed and ask the question; just what is the game plan?

It’s obvious we’re involved in a new kind of warfare-one distorted by apparent militant Islamic ambitions in the Middle East and fake left-right wing ideology in the west but still one hundred percent reliant on tactics to achieve its goals.

While these tactics appear unique to specific regions they’re in fact related and form part of a broader strategy.

To uncover the bigger picture it’s important to think BIG.

Currently we’re in the throes of a global terrorist onslaught courtesy of ISIS- but what do we really know about this organization?

If we accept ISIS as a CIA creation-and there are certainly credible reasons to–its bold recruitment drive on social media with Facebook seemingly unable to track- let alone shut down-its use of dark web anti spyware to avoid detection-its taking over operations of seized oil refineries in areas it contests in the Middle East then selling vast volumes of crude oil on black markets at discounted prices through well-known middlemen who resell at high profits.

This suggests ISIS is not a terrorist organization in the usual mode but one controlled from the very top levels down with diverse interests across the spectrum.

A report described ISIS as the wealthiest terror group in history with a White House advisor on radical Islam saying; the 9/11 attacks cost barely $500,000- ISIS makes that in six hours!

Do you feel safe he asked?

As ISIS is now identified with global terrorism I’m particularly interested in the geopolitical modus operandi and aims of these terrorist bogeymen.

All terrorist organizations come with a calling card of demands in support of their armed struggle and we’re told that ISIS is no different with their goal to establish a Muslim Sunni Caliphate across Iraq and Syria.

If this sounds familiar it’s because you’ve heard something along these lines before.

Cast your mind back to when US Neoconservative foreign policy focused on regime change in Iraq and Syria with the intent to replace these Muslim secular governments with Sunni Islamic states to neutralize Iran- a strategy pursued by both the Bush and Obama administrations confirmed by a leaked classified memo on the strategy for the region.

But this is only part of the picture as the rabbit hole reaches much deeper.

ISIS is billed as having roots in an extreme form of Islam known as Wahhabism originating in Saudi Arabia and has indiscriminately targeted Sunni, Shia, and Shiite Muslim populations all over the Middle East while currently involved in the battle to oust President Assad from power in Syria.

It’s also involved in ongoing running battles again the government in Iraq and its citizens.

Here’s the thing- they would have us believe that a small Islamic fringe sect is trying to win over the entire Muslim world by bombing civilians left right and centre,at the same time gain support for their caliphate.

Recently a Shia mosque known as the Great mosque of al-Nuri was bombed in Mosul, Iraq, an Islamic school comprised part of this mosque-in what has been described as an unprecedented attack.

This Mosque is considered to be of significant historical and cultural importance which raises the poser: what is ISIS’s purpose in destroying shrines and valuable historical artefacts in the Middle East.

Predictably these acts of vandalism have been laid at the door of Wahhabism due to its view that all other Islamic sects are both heretical and idolatrous-but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Indeed Christian’s minorities are also under attack and the last traces of their ancient cultural presence in the Middle East are also.

These actions by ISIS are clearly designed to destroy culture- but why?

Some believe humanity is moving toward a global culture minus the diversity-or an anti-culture- where prescribed minimum values apply.

It should come as no surprise to realize the standards pushed for are universal western ones.

So this attack against culture is their way of realigning eastern values with western ones.

Might this cultural war and frenzied activity in Iraq have something to do with Iraqi Kurdistan with the referendum for independence only three months away?

It’s telling that a Kurdish led coalition backed by the US-according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group-surrounded and captured Raqqa late last week.

However maybe we have ISIS’s goals all wrong- what if ISIS’s motives are not to further radicalize the Middle East but to subdue it?

A certain high profile Lebanese-American journalist based in New York, who has worked for MSNBC, NBC, and as a correspondent for al Hayat- the Arab satellite LBC group-calls ISIS a passing phenomenon and a major facilitator of Sunni moderation.

She goes onto admit that due to its appalling violence and cruelty ISIS lacks a support base in the long term.

Raghida Dergham suggests history might judge ISIS as a necessary evil-a force of counter terrorism- a correction of Iran’s excessive dominance over Iraq and the fate of Syria and Lebanon.

She credits ISIS with thwarting the Iranian project by reshaping the Iraq- Syrian border along Sunni lines.

This woman’s views aren’t surprising seeing she’s linked with globalist institutions like The Council of Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum.

She is a dual citizenship globalist shill-plugging Neoconservative policy in the Middle East under the guerrilla arm of ISIS.

In fact we’re witnessing the conclusion of disastrous US foreign policy in the Middle East under the guise of neoliberalism and neo-conservatism.

It may seem like a choice between Pepsi and Coke- but it’s one that has had catastrophic consequences for the region.

ISIS has also given the US and allies the excuse needed to arm Kurdish parties in Turkey- the YPG and the radical Marxist PKK- drawing them into the fight against the Islamic State and supporting their quest for independence at the same time.

Bear in mind the globalist’s cherished goal- aided and abetted by ISIS-is to divide up the Middle East and remodel it along ethnic lines.

What about the likelihood of globalists backing the Kurds by supporting their independence and using Kurdistan as a buffer against Arab states like Iran and Turkey?

Although the Kurds are said to be majority Sunni Muslim non-Arabs they’re regarded as having a more secular outlook and open to humanistic ideals- at least that’s the way the argument goes.

A Human Rights Watch report claims that Iraq Kurds are taking advantage of the chaos sown by ISIS
destroying Arab homes and in some cases entire villages making it impossible for these people to return to these areas.

Of course the hand of ISIS in these incidents is more than likely-combined with its propaganda of pitting the Kurds against the Arabs.

But the million dollar question is will their be other Kurdistans even with stiff opposition from Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq- remember the Kurds number close to 40 million people in total throughout the middle east.

The potential for conflict in the Middle East on this issue alone is horrendous.

A few globalist connected individuals in the Middle East have promoted the idea of a union much like the EU- maybe this will be in the offing in the not-too-distant-future.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

US military spokesman are on record saying the Iraq- ISIS battle will get a lot worse before the situation improves.

Iraq’s the main focus and hot button topic of major media outlets right now so follow their direction and keep your eyes on the referendum on 25 September.

Back to ISIS- it’s not only a terrorist group committed to carrying out US geopolitical goals it is one of those one size fits all organizations that can be used against any country that steps out of line.

It’s a New World Order weapon- a disciplinary tool- used against countries that deviate from the New World Order agenda.

The creation of ISIS resembles a cartoon similar to that found in old Superman comic books.
An unknown organization sneaks past the intelligence services of world powers and evades all electronic and satellite surveillance……………..and suddenly begins major conquest.

An example of countries that have been on the receiving end of this discipline-is Turkey’s President Erdogan and more recently President Duterte of the Philippines who has continually shown the middle finger to the US-and is on record saying he supports shutting down American military bases in his country.

He has managed so far to see off some special forces- BUT suddenly the southern part of the Island swarmed with ISIS Jihadists leading him to declare a state of emergency -coincidence? Of course not- Especially since the Philippines is seen as a strategic Asian Island central to American interests.

ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- yes it has other acronyms-but we should invent our own name for it -how about the International Secret Intelligence Service?

The name is appropriate considering America has drafted the western alliance on board in this hoax.

The US/western alliance has Britain and Israel at the top of the list- followed by France, Germany,
Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, Taiwan and the Sultanate of Oman- these countries are the puppets on a string of central intelligence according to the late top German editor- Dr Udo Ulfkatte.

Meanwhile at the other side of the world-Europe and the UK are in the grip of low grade urban warfare with only the high profile attacks in France and Germany- and more recently Manchester and London-receiving media attention.

Other attacks pass under media radar screens or are blamed on ill people fainting behind the wheel of vehicles-and unintentionally crashing into passer-by’s or explosions in restaurants caused by Molotov cocktails thrown through windows described as botched robberies-or cases of people being chased and attacked in streets as isolated lone wolf attacks.

If ISIS is in retreat in Mosul- for now-it’s rapidly advancing in the UK and winning the war in Europe.

Using the scientific principal of every action having an equal and opposite reaction- if ISIS aims to moderate the Middle East then conversely it also aims to radicalize the west.

This radicalization comes in the form of Jihadists reported to be as many as twenty three thousand in the UK alone.

Progressives and those to their left make up the remainder of the radicalization equation-and through their support of uncontrolled multiculturalism have paired up with radical Islam and other minority groups against western traditionalism.

ISIS has earned the distinction as the only terrorist group to make evil viral and also appears to be winning the war on social media- a few weeks ago a Jewish woman in Paris was killed by a Muslim shouting “Ali Akbar”

The case was barely covered by the mainstream press.

Then seven French intellectuals demanded authorities condemn the attack as a case of anti-Semitism.

Heritage Foundation scholar Robin Simcox testified to a congressional panel that between 5000-6000 Europeans who fought alongside ISIS and other Islamic groups in Syria and Iraq are returning home to join the terrorist organization.

That’s besides the surge in plots and terrorist incidences in the west due to the influx of refugees.

Simcox admitted it was impossible to predict or build a profile of the typical ISIS terrorist as his research has shown an increase in radicalization of girls and teenagers.

The weapons of choice in attacks are also evolving making the situation even more volatile.

He said the threat of terrorism in Europe is likely to increase in the future and it was important the US worked with Europe in this regard.

ISIS’s incursion into the west has worsened the antagonism between the left-right divide.

A recent article by The Sun urging Britons of all faiths to unite against extremism next to a picture of a woman in a hijab fashioned out of the Union Jack drew predictable ire from the Guardian.

First of all the newspaper took issue with the picture- ignoring The Sun’s appeal to Britons across the spectrum-then they took offence based on their own interpretation of what the picture meant- then admitting it with the words; It may be masquerading as a jolly exercise in solidarity of the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ type. But the subtext is pretty clear. We are united against ISIS, Are they?

To The Guardian it’s all about subtext- which is just another word for suggestion.

The difference in the narrative of the so-called right and left however centres on the hot-button issue of multiculturalism.

The more moderate want limited immigration from culturally dissimilar countries with assimilation
the priority.

The more progressive are happy with open immigration policies as this feeds into their politics and broadens their voter base as these immigrants are more likely to vote for left wing parties.

Another article from The Sun refers to an ISIS recruitment video on the internet urging Muslims to
give up their western lifestyles and join the fight in the Holy war in Iraq and Syria.

The recruiter is reported to have grown up in Aberdeen but originally from Bangladesh.

In the video he appeals to the ‘depressed among you’ citing Jihad as the cure.

Which begs the question-If its accepted that Islamic Jihad is the strategy for conquering countries to establish Sharia Law-how does the method apply to the west.

My bet is its a vehicle for revolution- a radical change in ideas-a means to throw out the old and bring in the new-a non-cultural ecumenical universalism.


According to a May report in The Sun-as Facebook and Google sites are under increasing pressure to tackle extremism by pushing ISIS out-or at least curbing their activities-the terrorist group has built its own version of the dark web across the net aiming to rival that of the social media giant to serve as a recruitment and aids tool online.

Europol Director- Rob Wainwright- said the terrorist organization’s new online platform was discovered in a 48 hour operation across 52 social platforms involving officials from countries such as the US, Belgium, Greece, Poland and Portugal.

Wainwright concluded by saying he didn’t know if it would be technically harder to take down ISIS’s own platform.