Is the American Left the REAL Threat?

An article in The Atlantic on The Rise of the Violent Left begs the question; is the American left the REAL threat?

The author of The Atlantic article starts off by mentioning the annual Rose Festival in Portland- Oregon- where the Republican Party marched in the parade since 2013-well except for this year.

A group called Direct Action Alliance declared “Fascists plan to march through the streets- warning- Nazis will not march unopposed”

The group stressed- and here we go- that it didn’t object to Portland’s GOP itself- but to ‘fascists’ who planned to infiltrate their ranks.

Why do these hoodlums accuse their opponents of tactics they excel at to the nth degree especially when it’s a given they’ve infiltrated both political parties over some time.

The DAA (Direct Action Alliance) went onto denounce marchers waving ‘Trump flags’ and ’red MAGA hats’ –hey that’s our colour-“who normalize support for an orange man who bragged about sexually harassing women and is waging a war of hate-racism and prejudice”

Another group –Oregon Students Empowered- created a face-book page called “shut down fascism! No Nazis in Portland”

Next, the parade’s organizers received an anonymous email threatening to send in 200+ people if Trump supporters- and others who promoted hateful rhetoric marched-promising strong armed tactics like accosting and physically dragging away offenders.

With the police stating they couldn’t provide adequate security due to lack of resources- the organizers called off the parade.

According to progressives Donald Trump is not just another Republican president but in a league of his own.

The polls indicate that seventy six percent of Dems consider him a racist- while seventy one percent agreed his campaign contained fascist undertones.

Antifa‘s activists harbour the dangerous illusion that as they’re battling far-right American authoritarianism any tactic they employ is justified- That THEY are justified.

In other words the right started the fight and threatens ALL minorities and everyone else who disagrees with them so their actions are merely defensive.

Isn’t this just the way of things though-they have to be seen acting on behalf of victims- indeed are victims themselves- as they can’t afford to be seen as aggressors in the court of public opinion.

It’s a fact that these far left political groupings hold free speech to be a trigger and an act of violence in their quest to shut it down.

Oregon is not the first place to be threatened with Antifa violence it’s been witnessed on university campuses all over the country.

The question should be; are THEY the ones fuelling the fires of conflict rather than dousing them as claimed?

Mainstream media- with few exceptions- is clearly on the side of progressives who reap the benefit of a narrative spun in their favour with the right forced into defensive mode which is not a good position.

Let’s face it when a bunch of low information journos-not exactly the brightest people in the gene pool to begin with-reduce complex topics to thirty second sound bites get to define others by trotting out hackneyed labels like fascist it’s a road to disaster especially when their talking points are dictated from the top down.

As for the witting deceivers at the top of the media chain they’re recognised by the many cases of alcohol they consume to drown their sorry lying-faces.

It was Bertrand Russell who pointed out the tendency of western society to fixate on the ills of the right while ignoring that of the left- and wondered why this was-probably a hint by one of the elites to those paying attention- but he KNEW the answer to that question.

The thing is Antifa is no longer a fringe movement but has turned main-stream with ever increasing support from progressives who regard their intimidating actions appropriate at a time like this.

One commentator- a former Democrat- noted- Antifa has nothing to do with liberalism but everything to do with the Democrat Party. The new left-aka extremists-have taken over the party.

The appearance of ‘Nazis’ at protests seems to be a recent development if extensive television coverage devoted to their antics is anything to go by. Just where have they been hiding up till now?

Okay so there’s been a resurgence of Nazi movements in Europe but it feels contrived in the US context right now. It’s almost as if this moment’s been waiting to happen given the increasing hostility between left and right.

Agent provocateurs might have a role in what’s playing out as they’re employed by front organizations usually backed by intelligence and other shadowy interests to target individuals of certain political persuasions to set them up causing political strife in the process.

These provocateurs also target run-of-the-mill political and resistance groups for the same reason.

A Zero Hedge report identified Unite the Right organizer-Jason Kessler-as an Obama supporter linked with the occupy movements as well as working for CNN as an assignment editor.
Are we to believe he did a 360 degree turn to become a leader of the alternative right movement?.

Interestingly- Unite the Right has also been connected to an identical Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine supported by John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Say no more.

In keeping with the agent provocateur theme it’s very possible the KKK and other far right groups have been infiltrated by American Intelligence with agents planted within these organizations.

But wait there’s more; a local classified ad posted last Monday- about a week before Charlottesville-is raising new questions over whether paid protestors were sourced by a Los Angeles public relations company.

The ad was posted by a company called “Crowds on Demand” and offered $25 per hour to actors and photographers to participate in events in the Charlotte, NC area.

While the ad didn’t specify the actors’ roles- applicants were asked if they were “ok with participating in peaceful protests” in addition the ad stated their events include rallies and protests.

The Nazi label hasn’t been confined to protestors in regalia but in some cases extended to ALL Republican representatives unless of course they identify openly with leftist groups.

And don’t even think of mentioning the left’s part in the conflict-in fact don’t use the word conflict either as that suggest there’s more than one side involved when – you know- it’s all the Nazi’s fault.

It’s all very telling and reminiscent of the satirical TV series Faulty Towers and the line “don’t mention the war”

What has the nation come to when to prove one’s moral and political credentials it’s wise to support the ‘approved’ perspective or else you’re a closet Nazi.

Come to think of it when has it even been necessary to denounce Nazism as it went without saying that people didn’t support it UNLESS otherwise stated?

Even though its a fact most college students can’t define fascist let alone Nazism.

Has the country gone insane?

And now there’s Charlottesville with the death of a young woman reportedly caused by a Nazi sympathizer who rammed his vehicle into protestors giving the left more ammunition in their continuing efforts to demonise the right.

With the press still simmering in a self-righteous stew over the fact that Trump lambasted both sides of the divide -although he was pressurised to backtrack later-only in the matrix is criticizing ALL sides in a conflict viewed as a negative- unless of course they’re in denial about the left’s role in the current state of affairs.

However the fallout for Trump-conservatives and moderates-has only just begun.

If ever there was a turning point in this cold- now heating-up war-Charlottesville might just be it.

CEO’s on Trumps Business Advisory Councils have just about all pulled out and claim it’s a result of Trump’s post Charlottesville speech.

The GOP has voiced its dissatisfaction and even the military has chimed in.

The establishment tried to pull the Jewish community into their corner using Nazi Germany’s holocaust to smear all things right of left -but so far without success.

An organization like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) no less spoke out about upholding the principle of free speech to those in favour of shutting it down.

The hacktivist collective known as Anonymous is joining the fray by supporting a campaign against the alt-right and Neo Nazi groups in the wake of Charlottesville.

Anonymous claims to have already taken down white supremacists websites and others who share their ideology.

People affiliated with this group have uncovered the real names of dozens of people who attended the rally and their known associations with the extreme movement-posting their pictures online.

According to Anonymous some rally attendees they identified have since lost their jobs.

Charities that planned to hold events at Trump’s Mar-Largo Club in Palm Beach-Florida have cancelled and have made arrangements elsewhere since his Charlottesville speech.

These non profits are;The American Cancer Society-The Cleveland Clinic-The American Red Cross and The Salvation Army amongst others.

Even Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board has been affected with one Megachurch Pastor tendering his resignation.

In an incredible move a growing number of Liberty University students are returning their diplomas to their alma mater to protest University President Jerry Falwell JR’s support of Donald Trump.

A former Student Government Associate president said; I’m sending my diploma back because the president of the US is defending Nazis and white supremacists.
And by defending the president’s comments Jerry Falwell is making himself and the university complicit.

One alum created a private Facebook group called- Return your diploma to LU- which has more than 300 members at the time of writing.

Breaking News;

The independent media is abuzz with reports of a’Refuse Fascism’ protest scheduled for 4 November this year.

They provide a link to a site that says ‘Welcome to the Revolution’ and calls itself the Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

A brief summary of its grievances under the title of This nightmare must end- the Trump/Pence regime must go- we refuse to accept a fascist America- refers;

immigrants living in terror
women objectified-degraded and denied the right to control reproduction
LGBTQ people stigmatized- ostracized and denied civil rights recently won
Black and Latino people threatened
millions denied healthcare
a planet in peril from a regime denying global warming and environmental protections
and the irony of ironies- the truth bludgeoned- lies and more lies- critical thinking destroyed in education
and public discourse

They plan to take to the streets and public squares in cities and towns across the country- not stopping-
“until our demands are met”

There is a also a new revolutionary group called RAM-Philly which stands for Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and is the para military arm of antifa.

To even a casual observer the US appears in to be in a downward spiral and to an outsider looking in even more so.

The US has been in a cold war with itself for a long time but Charlottesville has upped the ante.

From the 1960’s protests through to the 80-90’s cultural wars this one’s a lot different.

For starters traditional liberalism has been replaced by cultural Marxism with its emphasis on identity politics challenging individual rights.

This war has accelerated over the last decade and is now reaching its zenith.

This push for extreme egalitarianism hasn’t resulted in peace but rivalry and resentment- and still the demands keep coming as there’s no short supply of new victim groups seeking redress under the guise of rights.

Most of all –and few people understand this-it’s a war against the American population by the establishment- even though many might not know this-now.

Years of media predictive conditioning and higher learning indoctrination in humanities disciplines have produced non-critical thinkers and compelled-speak drones.

And the population mostly has drunk the Kool Aid- to borrow a popular phrase.

The problem doesn’t just lie with manipulative politicians people have personalized these false political narratives and hate the enemies they’ve been programmed to.

Its the nature of radicals to oppose and traditionalists to uphold so when the latter stop defending the two sides meet and the revolutionaries win.

The strategy of these radicals is to use numerous minority groups as a bloc against the traditional majority citing human rights violations and wrongly interpreting the constitution in their favour.

Republican Pat Buchanan asked; In this 2nd American Civil War- whose side are you on?

This isn’t a civil war but a populist revolution with conservative-moderate and traditional views the targets
and there’s a push underway to purge such views from public platforms.

And who knows what else…….