Of Bread And Circuses- The NFL Hysteria

So long as the Proles continue to work and breed, their other activities were without importance.
Films, football, beer and gambling filled up the horizons of their minds.
To keep them in control was not difficult.
George Orwell -1984

The Romans knew a thing or two about keeping populations fed and pre-occupied with trivial matters while diverting attention away from the workings of government.

It’s funny how the NFL has become a de facto symbol of American freedom while in reality it performs the function of the Roman circus.

The fact the League is sponsored by major corporations and the US Armed Forces should be a clue.

These matches are hugely patriotic events with military planes conducting fly-overs and participants expected to stand to attention for the National Anthem.

Games are presented as life and death struggles while real-life issues are downplayed in favour of the theatrical.

Channelling men’s warrior like tendencies into a spectacular sports fest complete with war-like factions and antics feeds a primitive need while keeping the big issues at bay just like the Romans understood it would.

Taking a knee is the latest catchphrase and the hottest new issue in the ever expanding social justice stable.

What started as an issue of police brutality morphed into a hysteria-induced movement and then the president stepped in announcing those who didn’t stand for the National Anthem were unpatriotic.

So the end game is in progress with ANTIFA and the alternate right at each other’s throats fuelled by an ignorant youth blindly thinking they’re making an important socio political statement, the trouble is they not even sure of what that statement’s supposed to be.

I’ll do my best to try and present both sides of the argument without falling into a self-induced coma of incredulity.

Okay-for the take a knee crowd it’s about the issue of racism in its entirety- as if this problem will ever be settled to everyone’s satisfaction.

But this is the beauty of leftist movements- if it can be described as such a thing- its calculated naivety- believe me they know what they’re doing- like highlighting causes in perpetuity requiring moneyed lobbyists and their government lackeys to bash the rest of society about the head to for ongoing political gain.

The second reason is Trump-and conservative Republicans- so maybe he should have considered a bit of psychology knowing when you call people out on something of this nature they just double down, with unintended consequences.

And Trump has plenty of Americans in the wings waiting to pounce if he makes a questionable move.

The issue of patriotism proves the maxim of different strokes for different folks especially in the current climate of division.

Trump and his supporters claim the patriotic course of action is to stand when the National Anthem is played.

The accusation that bend the knee supporters are unpatriotic drew a crescendo of denials and counter arguments.

Basically the argument is along the lines of indeed the kneelers are patriotic by assuming a posture in deference to the anthem, flag and first amendment of free speech- including the right to protest- even if they aren’t doing it standing up.

The actions of the take a knee players inspired similar acts of solidarity off field with one African American Democrat representative taped kneeling in front of the flag in Congress giving reasons for supporting the players.

Some employed to sing the Anthem at various sporting events have joined in by taking a knee and supporting the protestors.

A recent development at Arlington National Cemetery has caused shock waves across social media.

A picture reveals a lone man-kneeling at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during a bugle call known as ‘the taps’-played at military funerals by US Armed Forces.

This event is considered even stranger in the light of protocol demanding people in the vicinity stand with soldiers on guard at the Tomb usually directly addressing those who don’t comply.

Trump has voiced his displeasure at the take a knee campaign to football club owners who agree with his stand but admit they have no control over players-admitting they’re more than a little intimidated by them.

Counter accusations levelled at standers by kneelers is that they are practising idolatry in the form of
flag worship and don’t respect the first amendment.

And so the saga continues………..