Culture Wars 101

We’ve been hearing the same piece of fiction broadcast from the rooftops ever since Republican candidate Donald Trump won the US elections about the Russian government having had a major hand in the outcome.

The trouble is those pushing this line are unable to justify their outrageous claim and are wilfully deaf to explanations that supporting the release of information a la Wiki-leaks-Edward Snowden or plugging support for a particular party through advertisements in newspapers doesn’t represent the stealing of votes but is part and parcel of the information wars waged by governments in support of their own national interests.

Nevertheless rumours of the Russian hacking scandal persist with media pushing the narrative of direct interference in the electoral process- right where it counts- with the US electronic ballot system.

On-going investigations into allegations that a foreign power hijacked the elections have revealed nothing and it’s been admitted to leading nowhere but will this hullaballoo die down anytime soon?

Don’t bank on it-either another angle is pursued or another scam cooked-up but it’s clearly a return to the McCarthy era -with a twist.

Only the sides have changed hands with the US right now under scrutiny as opposed to the left.

The US culture wars are divided along -though not limited to-political lines linked to the left-right wing model.

The charge of Russian involvement in the US election has its basis in the idea conservative Republicans and Putin’s Russia fall to the right of the political spectrum so they’re essentially on the same team.

But what basis is there for this perception?

The revival of the Russian Orthodox Church, the rise of oligarchy billionaires and conservative social mores doesn’t cut it.

US society has overall moved left over the last decade so to borrow a phrase;-if you think someone’s moved it’s likely you America.

Have you ever thought the overhyped changes in Russia since the cold war might have been cosmetic- for appearances sake only- while US experienced a restructuring of their institutions starting over fifty years ago which began a culture shift.

The targeting and in some cases assassinations of Russian journos attempting to expose the façade of the Putin government gives an idea of what’s at stake.

Now the Uranium One scandal has hit the headlines with Republican Sebastian Gorka calling for Hillary Clinton to be charged with treason for her involvement in the Russian bribery deal while part of the Obama administration.

Yet just when you thought the whole spiel couldn’t get more ridiculous in an undercover video targeting media bias- a veteran New York Times reporter confessed staff hate Trump “like the plague dude’.

A video editor for the paper admitted he had friends at YouTube who helped promote his tapes with another openly disclosing his job “is to slant the news”

A long-time IT consultant with the NYT explains anti-Trump sentiment at the paper comes down to a cultural belief shared by all who work there.

And the anti-Trump bias is not only confined to the NYT by any means- it’s everywhere.

Even ex-democrat president Jimmy Carter has admitted the Trump presidency is the most criticised in modern history with the US leader cut no slack either by the establishment or other detractors.

Just access any online political discussion and read the comments when Trump’s name is mentioned -it’s an eye-opener.

As far as Americans are concerned politics has become personal –for sure this attitude’s been a few years in the making- but it reached a climax post-election with people unfriending family and friends on Face-Book either because of support for the Commander-in-Chief or Republican Party conservatives.

To get to grips with how seriously Americans take their politics on the 8th November-the first anniversary of the elections- an event is planned in protest against the election of Donald Trump as president according to a report.

Organizers of the event are encouraging people to “come express your anger at the current state of democracy and scream helplessly at the sky”

Those unable to attend have been invited to join the commotion by yelling to the heavens in indignation from the comfort of their own backyards.

Could it be they’ll yell “out foul one” on the count of three as well?

But think of it this way it could be worse at least it doesn’t beat baying at the moon.

I know this comes across as satire but given the current political climate I’m not calling out the report as comic relief just yet.

Not to mention this ‘advertised event’ drew quite the favourable response with people more than keen to sign up and it clearly doesn’t take much to manipulate certain types.

In what’s been described as fiction imitating Trump- Jonathan Freeland- columnist for the British Guardian Newspaper- recently published a book titled- To Kill the President- which had readers claiming parallels with the fictional president and Trump applauding the author as a modern day Nostradamus.

Freeland using the non de plume Sam Bourne- stands accused by Trump supporters of writing a ‘morally repugnant literary recipe book for murder’ with some calling for him to be placed on the FBI security watch list.

Entertainer Johnny Depp was said to have asked in jest; when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?

Partisan politics is the name of the game with most not realizing they’ve been basted and trussed like turkeys ready for roasting.

Where Trump stands in this isn’t clear but he’s either filling the role assigned to him by playing to the public gallery or he’s been set-up but either way Clinton’s exposed emails on the Republican ’Pied Piper (conservative) candidates’ springing to mind.

Backing up this position reports have surfaced of Hilary Clinton’s Democratic National Committee bankrolling discredited claims against Trump in what is known as the Golden Showers Dossier.

Former British intelligence man- Christopher Steel- was hired by the FBI to assist right up until the time his cover was blown when they renegaded on the agreement.

Initially this dossier was funded by an unknown Republican anti Trump donor with the Clinton campaign settling up the remainder.

The motive is to discredit Trump but it’s twofold with the overreaching goal to purge the Conservative wing of the Republican Party.

With two long time GOP members now announcing they won’t stand for re-election because as one put it; I just can’t continue with this kind of politics- Hilary Clinton waded into the fracas.

She said the Republican Party’s imploding and is worried the GOP is becoming captive to a far right ‘cabal’.

It is becoming a far right captive party to ideological, religious and commercial interests.

On the other hand a recent poll of Democrat party supporters reveal leaders have lost touch with their base because they’re seen as not left enough while Bernie Sanders has become the aspiring role model.

Meanwhile Trump’s approval rating slips as controversy continues over his call to Gold Star widow- Myeshia Johnson.

Trump apparently told the widow that her husband ’knew what he signed up for’

According to Rasmussen Polls Trump now has a 41 percent approval rating against a 55 percent disapproval rating.

In another peculiar twist of events Democrats are linking up with rogue mental health experts according to an article on Buzz Feed, some of them even organizing politically in a drive for funding to push Trump from office.

A member of the House Intelligence Committee- Representative Jackie Speier- a Democrat from California-thinks the idea of consulting with mental health experts to assess if Trump suffers from psychosis incapacitating him from doing his job is a sound one.

And she’s not the only one- apparently half a dozen lawmakers have contacted Bandy Lee- a psychiatry professor at Yale over concerns about the state of the presidents mental health.

And although Lee refused to identify the politicians she said they’re Democrats in both the House and Senate.

John Gartner is the founder of Duty to Warn a network of mental health experts across the country making a concerted push into politics circumventing their profession’s rules about not diagnosing public figures they’ve never personally evaluated.

Gartner just recently described the president as ‘deeply and dangerously psychologically disordered’ despite a law in most states requiring mental health practitioners to divulge back-up information where they believe someone is a threat to others or else face legal liability.

Another thing –diagnosing political opponents as mentally ill is an old trick that’s been tried before.

Now Math has joined the social justice list with a professor at the University of Illinois arguing in a newly published book that algebraic and geometry skills perpetuate unearned privilege amongst whites.

Rochelle Gutierrez- made the claim in a new anthology for math teachers arguing teachers must be aware of the politics that mathematics brings in society.

She also worries these subjects perpetuate the idea that maths was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans.

Math is also privileged because it receives more research funding than subjects like English and Social Studies-and this from a math education professor- no words.

Native Americans¬ United is a suspended Instagram account believed to be connected to a Russian troll farm according to a report on Buzz Feed.

The article claims the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests were an opportunity for Russian trolls to sow discord in America.

However- although the Instagram account supported the protests Buzz Feed News didn’t find evidence they had contact with activists or organized protests.

Okay- talk about this narrative stretching believability too far- isn’t the left propping up these minority groups and sowing discard through divide and rule tactics.

Another one of their strategies is accusing opponents of using the same tactics they follow.

So they’re basically incriminating themselves and by extension admitting collusion exists between Dems and the Russian Government?

Proof that educators have been incrementally radicalized comes with the news that a Maryland Teachers Union has voted to officially support Black Lives Matter in the name of ‘equality’.

From 2004 to 2016 teachers unions have steadily amped up their political involvement with donations to leftist political and social causes increased from 4.3 million to over 32 million respectively.

The culture wars have even permeated religion- more specifically Christianity- with terms like left meaning liberal Christian and right orthodox.

Working in tandem with their progressive allies liberal Christians use inane slogans like Love Trumps Hate hiding behind a multitude of sins and agendas.

An Episcopal Church where George Washington worshipped decided to remove a memorial plaque honouring the nation’s first president saying the decision arose from a desire to provide a welcoming worship space for all.

Guess it all depends ………………

Edward Klein, author and former editor in chief of NYT Magazine- has written a new book- All Out War- The Plot to Destroy Trump- due for release on the 30 October- makes some startling claims.

He refers to a secret FBI Investigation which reveals left wing US groups travelled to Germany to meet with Al Qaeda and ISIS leaders and joined the anti G20 protests.

The report also refers to the collusion between US radical groups- like ANTIFA- and the Islamic State directly linked to violence on college campuses.

The website college fix reports on Yale University’s goal to de-colonize the English department by creating a new course to combat claims of racism.

Previous requirements for the major included two courses in ‘Major English Poets” has been removed after a petition described it as harmful.

The petition critiqued the perceived whiteness of the English Department requirements saying;
A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of colour and queerfolk are absent actively harms all students, regardless of their identity.

Like I said that old chestnut about the Russian government colluding with conservative Republicans to throw the 2016 elections just won’t lie down.

Now-here’s the latest From ABC News;

A Federal Grand Jury issued an indictment against President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager- Paul Manafort and long- time associate- Rick Giles.

The indictment is on twelve counts including conspiracy against the US, conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA statements, false statements, and 7 counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts.

The desperation to find something that will stick this time round is palpable and not a good sign.