Terrorism All Around

Terrorism pervades the air- it’s coming from all sides in many different guises.

From ISIS inspired global terrorism to domestic extremism in the US threatening elsewhere.

At the time of writing there’s been a false alarm terror scare in Britain and three confirmed attacks in France, Canada and the US all in the space of as many days.

In Marseilles ISIS claimed responsibility for a fatal attack against two young women- one a teenager of seventeen another of twenty- which was especially brutal where one victim had her throat slit while the other was stabbed in the stomach.

In Edmonton, the method of attack was found to be the hallmark of ISIS alongside its flag in the suspect’s vehicle.

So far the death toll of the Las Vegas shooting stands at fifty eight with over five hundred injured and counting said to be the worst terrorist attack in modern US history.

US Officials were at pains to deny the shooter had any links to ISIS even though it was initially reported he was a recent Islamic convert but stranger still one report referenced an ISIS ‘call to arms’ video released in May encouraging lone wolf attacks on the Las Vegas strip.

Watch the western mainstream as they pussyfoot around the issue of Jihadi terrorism or any other kind outside the preferred narrative- without a thought as to whether these recent attacks were co-ordinated at some level.

The media is pushing the line the Las Vegas shooter was a lone wolf attacker without any particular political or religious loyalty implying he was nothing but a crazy old fart.

Or a crazy old drugged up to the eyeballs one courtesy of big pharma with reports surfacing that shooter Paddock was prescribed Diazepam an anxiety medication linked to psychotic episodes which increases aggression and violence so add shadows of mind control to the explosive mix.

In any event this crazy-arse assassin certainly had serious issues and a huge sharpened axe to grind- to indiscriminately mow down complete strangers innocently enjoying the vibes at a music concert.

It’s very possible the shooter was radicalized American style by the extreme left and an ANTIFA supporter, a casualty of the country’s simmering culture wars of the last decade gone red hot.

One article referred to a FBI source who revealed ANTIFA literature and a photo of shooter’s girlfriend taken in the Middle East was found in his Las Vegas hotel room.

What if the interests of ISIS and ANTIFA coincide in an alliance of convenience?

The said article continued; members of ANTIFA are illegally crossing the Syrian border to receive military training from Kurdish Militias.

It also mentioned a possible dark triad between ANTIFA, ISIS and the anarchist-communist Kurds.

Some have opined the shooter was a radicalized intelligence services patsy with the spin-off the repeal of the county’s second amendment- the right to bear arms- and yes a New York Times opinion piece did propose doing away with this constitutional guarantee.

The official narrative would read something along the lines of -we have to take the guns because a majority of bat-crazy old white men are running around disturbing the peace threatening everyone.

And there’s that sneaking suspicion the shooting wasn’t the work of just one person.

Some additional questions are; For Stephen Paddock to kill and wound that many people in less than five minutes of firing with the kind of weapons he used is nigh impossible- why isn’t this acknowledged?

For someone who had no military training and wasn’t a gun guy as originally reported he managed to operate fairly sophisticated weaponry all on his lonesome .How was this possible?

Other reports claim Paddock was a shady character, an arms dealer linked to the CIA involved in gun running and other organized crime activities with connections to ISIS in the Philippines likely set up and killed in a FBI sting operation gone wrong- with the Hotel in cohorts and the massacre a distraction.

Julian Assange weighed in via a low-keyed twitter conversation saying;

Almost all terror plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model.

What is the business of FBI? -Extracting tax. What does it need to do that?-a stable threat.

Rob; Real Terrorists so sporadic make FBI look weak.

Solution; Make them.

One thing’s for sure levels of tolerance have drastically declined with language now intemperate in the tussle between parties of the so-called left and right the world over.

Right now it almost seems the world is divided into two camps with the shrill left -right wing political narrative playing out to the point of parody in the US with the trend copied in Europe and the UK where open borders and Jihadi terrorism is widening the gap between both sides.

In America the division between left and right is a chasm with the country’s two political party system feeding into this false paradigm but as the saying goes- so goes America so goes the rest of the world -with the west now buying wholesale into these stereotypical falsehoods.

Even stranger the left right model was never associated with US politics until fairly recently.

Nevertheless In Manchester, England, a banner reading ‘hang the Tories’ was erected ahead of their conservative party conference with another party event cancelled due to security concerns.

In retrospect we could not have foreseen a time where exercising the political right to campaign in the public square would be so risky and at risk.

The gains made by the new AfD party in the recent German elections on rising concerns about Meckel’s immigration policy and its impact on terrorism inspired a huge counter protest by youths little more than teens under the watchful eye of heavy security.

Of course the AfD has been painted as a far right party but given the peculiar criteria are a dislike of unbridled migration and its spinoff of Islamic terrorism the charge amounts to the sum of Zero.

The question is where to from here?

Britain just had its second terror scare within a week where a driver mounting a pavement outside the Natural Museum in London injuring pedestrians turned out to be a genuine accident and cylinders filled with petrol and an ignition device were discovered under a truck in Paris.

Although the majority of terrorism is of the Jihadi kind will political radicalization be the new terrorism in the west with Charlottesville and now Las Vegas crossing that threshold.

Listen to some of the mainstream media comments defending ANTIFA;

Brave people risking their lives

Principled antifascists

Fascism cannot be defeated through speech- we need to take it with the utmost seriousness before it’s too late.

Jeff Zeleny, CNN White House reporter, said; these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters.

An ANTIFA organizer said; Plain clothes, hard tactics, I don’t think they’ll know what hit them because they’re not prepared for what we’re planning.

Another ANTIFA organizer described a plan to lure right wing protestors to a secluded area where they would be “attacked”.

Stratfor.com compiled a report on the persistent threat of domestic terrorism in the US.

It mentions terrorism is practised by people from a wide array of ethnic and religious backgrounds following diverse ideologies from anarchism to Neo Nazism.

Currently the country is experiencing a peak in a terror cycle fuelled by political polarisation between left and right as well as these groups and government likely to worsen over a short time.

But no one needs a report to tell them the political climate in the US is volatile and won’t take much to ignite a spark.

A house divided against its-self cannot stand.

Before the American Civil War malicious people were spreading lies so outrageous even a child wouldn’t believe and this trend seems to be repeating today.

Bear in mind conditions now are much worse than in Lincoln’s day.