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Why Now?
So many recent developments in the Middle East elicit the question why now?

With ISIS driven from their strongholds in Iraq and Syria almost daily they’ll cease to be a force in the region in the coming weeks.

What then? Or rather what’s next?

To be sure the Syrian conflict isn’t over so are the powers that be preparing for an attack on a new front?

Saudi Arabia’s new crown Prince is ushering in major reforms and consolidating his position by purging any credible threat to his rule.

The question again is why now?

Although it’s likely he’s been leaned on by western powers to ring in the changes.

Will Saudi Arabia succumb to civil war?

Will they go to war with Lebanon?

Surely they can’t be so stupid to think they can challenge Iran without dire consequences?

With their strange alliance with Israel also now out in the open begging the question- why now?

A New European Army
Today the creation of PESCO-the Permanent European Structured Co-operation Organization-has been announced.

Its the new Defense Corp. of the European Union or a New European Army by another name.

So far spokesmen have been careful to explain this new entity will work together with NATO to enhance European Security.

But how long before the tug-of war games begin?.

Meanwhile a report Britain may join the European army even after Brexit has veterans furious as this was the one thing both the leave and remain camps agreed on- Britain will not join any European army.

Mysterious Void discovered in Egypt’s Great Pyramid
A hidden void at least a hundred feet long has been discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

This space’s dimensions resemble that of the Pyramid’s Grand Gallery – the 153 foot-long, 26 foot-tall corridor leading to the burial chamber of Khufu, the pharaoh for whom the pyramid was built.

It’s unclear what lies within the space- the purpose it serves- or if it’s one or multiple spaces.

The void is the first large inner structure discovered in the 4500 year-old pyramid since the 1800s- a find made possible by recent advances in high energy particle physics.

It’s been hailed as the discovery of the century by top archaeologists with the results published in the journal Nature.

Thanks to the use of Muon radiography- a technique using cosmic rays to detect cavities in massive structures the void was revealed.

This technique has been used to peer through cathedral walls, Mayan pyramids and even volcanoes.

It’s true-People really do prefer dogs to other people

What’s been long suspected is confirmed in a new study-people love dogs more than other people.
In a report published in journal Society and Animals participants were presented with a violent attack scenario involving victims categorized as; a 30 year-old adult, a 1 year old child, a puppy or a six year old dog.

The study found people were more upset about a baby, a puppy and a dog than an adult human.

This helps to explain why seeing dogs die in movies and TV shows is so distressing.

The adult dog received lowers scores of empathy only relative to the infant.

The researchers concluded the reason for these findings were that subjects did not view their dogs as animals, but rather as “fur babies” or family members alongside their human children.

And it seems that dogs’ feelings for humans are mutual with the findings of another study revealing dogs make more facial movements when humans pay them attention.

Hollywood Linked to a Global Pedophile Network
So says renowned Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. as he lifts the lid on a major Hollywood pedophile ring that connects powerful Elites “all over the globe”

Downey Jr. has gone on record to expose a huge network of pedophilia, prostitution and human trafficking involving who he calls “sick f*cks”

Not only has he named some well-known celebrities he’s also outed one of the most powerful people in America, who he calls a “Rosetta Stone of every perversion from Hollywood all over the globe” who provides depraved services for wealthy Saudis, Wall Street, DC, Royals and Hollywood Elites.

He refers to himself as a former friend of this Rosetta Stone- one named Diana Jenkins an uber-wealthy divorcee whose ex worked for UK’s Barclay’s Bank.

She’s also a socialite, major philanthropist, arts supporter and political donor. Her best pals are Sean Penn, George Clooney, Ari Emanuel, Cindy Crawford and Hayden Panettiere.

Other depraved celebs according to Downey Jr. are Ryan O’Neal, John Phillips and Dan Schneider.

Diana Jenkins is also a major investor and stakeholder in the Clinton Foundation and is allegedly linked to global human trafficking networks.

If true she may be one of the biggest players in the largest trafficking and pedophile ring in the US if not the world.

The CATO National Survey- The Good, Bad and Ugly
A national survey commissioned by the Libertarian leaning CATO institute reveals some fascinating data on how Americans view the First Amendment and free speech in general.

First up-the good news;
Americans agree that political correctness stifles public debate with 58% saying the current climate prevents them speaking up about their beliefs.

Tellingly only strong liberals feel comfortable expressing their views.

71% think PC culture has silenced important discussions.

A majority would oppose unconstitutional laws to ban hate speech.

Most- 65% say it’s important for colleges to expose students to viewpoint diversity.

Most agree to the ‘peaceful coexistence’ accommodation between gay rights and religious liberty recommended by CATO.

And now the bad news;

The heckler’s veto- 58 percent of Americans say colleges should cancel events if threatened with a violent backlash while 74% of Democrats hold this view.

Almost one in three believe physical violence to be an acceptable response to hate speech with a bare majority saying hate speech is a form of violence.

57% of Democrats support government intervention to put a stop to hate speech.

51% of Dems support a law requiring Americans use transgender people’s preferred pronouns.

Polarization is deepening with 61% of Hilary Clinton’s voters agreeing its “hard” to be friends with Trump voters as opposed to 34% of conservatives feeling this way.

The Fishnet Effect
The sex worker meme has impacted popular culture through TV and movies now it’s the fashion industry’s turn.

Fashion right now is influenced by hookers- not the other way round- says a well-known costume designer.

In the disco era- fashion was inspired by drag queens and prostitutes according to Tom Fitzgerald.

Fashion in general is always borrowing from street wear- and it doesn’t get more street wear than hooker.

But this isn’t just about fashion it’s a political statement according to culture-vulture commentators with the prostitute look signaling either rebellion or willful identification with the prostitute.

There’s a lot of activism to these clothes it seems.

Camille Paglia’s theories are being revisited by a younger generation of feminists- also her Vamps and Tramps collection of essays romanticizing prostitutes and their outlaw status.

Suppose it has a lot to do with the seventies idea of women being free to express their sexuality in any way they chose thus supposedly empowering themselves.

Or something…………

History Stopped in 1936- Orwell
Yes- George Orwell said it- not in his book 1984 but in his 1943 essay “Looking back at the Spanish War’ in which he fought on the side of the Republicans against Franco’s Fascists.

It was during this war Orwell noticed the pervasive use of propaganda by modern totalitarian regimes.

He realized early in life that no event was ever reported correctly in a newspaper but in Spain he saw reports which had no relation to facts-some examples were reports of battles where there had been no fighting and complete silence where hundreds were killed.

Troops who had fought bravely were denounced as cowards and traitors – while others who hadn’t seen a shot fired were hailed as heroes of imaginary victories.

Newspapers in London repeated these lies while exited intellectuals built emotional superstructures
over events that never happened.

History wasn’t written in terms of what happened but what should have happened according to party lines.

What’s peculiar to our age wrote Orwell is the abandonment of the idea that history COULD be truthfully written.

In a world ruled by the madness of relativism and partisan opinion lies have become the new truth.

So you’re think you’re a Loner- maybe you’re just Intelligent
Research shows that friends will make you happier- unless of course you’re highly intelligent.

In a paper published in the British Journal of Psychology it’s explained why highly intelligent people experience lower life satisfaction more frequently when they’re with friends.

Apparently this is based on theories of evolutionary psychology where the most intelligent members of a group were more able to solve problems on their own without help from friends.

Urbanites are thought to have higher average intelligence than their rural counterparts because they’re better able to live in the unnatural settings of high population density.

Of course there findings shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that if you enjoy the company of friends you’re unintelligent but rather serves to cast some light on those who really prefer the challenges of solitude but are thought to be antisocial at times.

World needs brainwashing on Climate Change
Governor Jerry Brown made these remarks at an event organized by the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences where he challenged the world’s religious leaders to further engage to meet the climate change challenge.

Brown said the path to transformational change must include mass mobilization of the religious and theological spheres as well as the prophetic one.

Faith must be combined with the technical, scientific and political said this Jesuit seminary graduate.

According to him “people still don’t get it- it’s not just a light rinse that’s required but a total brainwashing”.

We need to wash our brains and see a very different kind of world.

And from someone associated with Project Moonbeam and Education in the State of California Jerry Brown knows a thing or two about brainwashing.

Say after me; I must believe in climate change- I must believe in climate change……..

No- we’re not that stupid- or brainwashed- Governor.

Less Weinstein’s more Einstein’s
Comedian and Saturday Night Live TV host-Larry David- posed the question; why do so many sexual harassers have to be Jews?

Saying; you know a lot of sexual harassment stuff is in the news of late and I couldn’t help noticing a very disturbing pattern- that many of the predators- not all- but many of them are Jews.

And I have three words to say to that; Oy Vey- (woe is me)

He continued; I want Einstein discovers the theory of relativity, Salk cures Polio.

What I don’t want; Weinstein took it out.

David says he aims at being a good Jewish representative -with nothing stereotypical about him- except for the self-deprecation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Why Men and Women can no longer be Friends
In an article appearing on the website Intellectual takeout it’s noted that in the enthusiasm to stamp out sexual harassment things are going too far with young people now seeing winking as a form of sexual provocation.

Author and columnist Peter Hitchens argues that those who chased after equality have a much fiercer objective.

They see men as the enemy- the ‘patriarchy’ to be overthrown and replaced by a feminized society.

These feminists scoffed at restraint and manners- which they now want back- the trouble is- once lost its hard to regain.

In the past these restrained manners were part of an elaborate code of courtship and respect which was learned by example in the family- that’s now vanished.

In our post-marriage free-for-all – why should we expect either sex to be restrained when all that’s left is the police or the public pillory of Twitter?

Nineteenth century cultural analyst Alexis de Tocqueville noted the different attitudes toward the treatment of women in Europe compared to America- with full equality practiced by Europeans- but although it looked good on the surface in reality it created a culture of contempt for women.

He recorded the contrast where in the US women received greater respect and freedoms when they embraced the differences between the sexes.

So then- manners influenced by social and cultural norms promoted mutual respect and confidence between the sexes as opposed to their absence.

The last words go to CS Lewis.

True progressives admit they’ve taken a wrong turn then look to the past for guidance on how to correct the error.

The problem is we’re at the point where progressivism’s goal is to unmoor from the past in a quest to forge ahead into a radical experimental future.

Sweet Dreams
A study has shown that REM- rapid eye movement- the stage of sleep where dreaming occurs may help the brain better respond to stressful situations.

The research published in the Journal of Neuroscience found those who spent more time in REM sleep showed lower fear related brain activity when exposed to mild electric shocks the following day.

A strange experiment to be sure but anyway………..

The results suggest that REM sleep protects against enhanced fear making people less prone to trauma or fear related health issues- like PTSD.

That we feel better after a deep sleep is a no-brainer as we know from experience.

And we all agree dreams are sweet.

Goodnight all.