Tale of Two Countries

For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are.

– Niccolo Machiavelli

Russia and Germany were on different sides of World War One alliances and further down the line would go down in the history books as representatives of the 20th Century’s worst authoritarian mutually opposed ideologies.

The old USSR was assigned the role of controlled opposition pre Bolshevik Revolution while post-World War Two West Germany for all intents and purposes became a European colony of the US.

Both countries were paraded on the world stage as arch enemies all in the interests of preventing a union likely to threaten the dominance of the Anglo American Empire.

The Western Federal Republic of Germany was described by former National Security Advisor to the Carter Administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski, as a vassal of the United States citing a top secret State Treaty signed on 21 May 1949 restricting its sovereignty allowing the western allies control over its mass media.

The late Udo Ulfkatte, a leading German news editor with twenty five years’ experience documented the dire state of journalism exposing the collusion between his government, its intelligence, the CIA and successive US administrations in controlling the political narrative.

He revealed many journalists aren’t accredited but operate as unofficial CIA cover with perks and claimed
he himself was sponsored by the CIA to write pro American articles then awarded honorary US citizenship in recognition of his efforts as a result he considered Germany a banana republic without real press freedoms.

Ulfkatte related an incident where he was approached by German intelligence ordered to publish an article on Libya using their ‘information’ as its thrust then rubber stamp it in his own name.

The Russian Perestroika, the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification signalled the beginning of a new era as did the establishment of a European Union dominated by Germany in turn controlled by the US.

Now American political scientist and chief of intelligence at a global think tank George Friedman has admitted the strategic objective of the US is to prevent a German Russian Alliance.

Blocking that alliance prevents a likely contender challenging America’s status as the world’s lone super-power.

But he reckons the US will fail in its objective saying German technology and capital will combine with Russian natural resources and “land power” to produce a bio-polar world; the US vs Eurasia.

Friedman admits the US engineered proxy revolution in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia were attempts to destabilize the region but doesn’t think anything will prevent an alliance between the two in the future.

According to Friedman in 2011 a hacker attack on the think tank’s computer systems compromised some 90 000 client records an action he credited as the work of the FBI.

Fast forward to the present where the US’s relationship with its closest European ally has been a troubled one climaxing in the 2014 spy scandal where Germany’s leading politicians were placed under secret surveillance by American Intelligence in a staggering breach of confidence.

Last week when the FDP liberals pulled out of negotiations with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government it looked like new elections were on the cards- she said as much- especially since her party’s alliance with Schulze’s Social Democrats was no more in spite of this arrangement having worked well up till the September elections.

But that was then and this is now- circumstances change.

Word has it French President Emmanuel Macron phoned Schulz pleading with him to join the grand coalition to keep Merkel in power.

However Schulze was adamant he wanted no part in the deal but since the beginning of 2018 has moderated his stance somewhat hinting something along the lines of a new year warranting a new perspective.

The fact is Schulze’s party had a poor showing in last year’s September elections as well with his brand of socialism losing its appeal for progressive Germans without a replacement in sight.

MSM predicted Germany’s position as Western Europe’s leader would be compromised unless it got its political house in order negatively affecting not only other countries in the region but the future of the EU itself.

But………don’t fall for the hype the European Union will prevail well into the future although with big changes simply because Germany IS the EU and will make a plan.

Unless The Social Democrats under Martin Schulze can be persuaded to form a grand coalition Merkel’s days are numbered as her minority government-coalition alliance is unsustainable and will be out of office much sooner than we realize with the prospect of new elections back on the table.

What we do know is the EU is forging a new path moving out of the sphere of US influence focusing on European self-sufficiency and doubling down on efforts at further centralization of power.

Two years after the first calls for the establishment of a European military a defence system operating under the officious-sounding title bureaucrats love- the Permanent European Structured Cooperation Organization (PESCO) makes its debut with one report declaring 47 defence projects already in the pipeline in addition to the EU backed military operations against migrant smugglers in Libya.

Needless to say a European military is a threat to NATO despite the low-keyed statement by Brussels that PESCO will work with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to boost the security of Europe.

It seems so-called conspiracy theorists were right all along about the EU’s authoritarian plans with Martin Schulz on record only yesterday saying he wants a new constitutional treaty to establish the United States of Europe by 2025 what is more countries that refuse to ratify it will be automatically expelled.

Evidently in a speech he used the interesting turn of phrase- countries that resist- so you can be sure states wanting to opt out will be presented with choices that compare to having their balls placed in the proverbial vice.

The fact dictatorship is on the horizon should come as no surprise when liberal democracy is dying in Britain, Europe and the USA due mainly to false, partisan left-right politics.

Not only is there rejections of politicians and political parties but voters aren’t happy with the way government works anymore even in supposed free countries.

They’re In fact so dissatisfied they’ll be willing to experiment with alternate even radical forms of government and as biblical prophecy indicates this will only accelerate peaking when the shadow government steps out from the shadows.

Indeed Germany’s political stalemate may provide such an opportunity for such autocratic rulers to step forward.

Government by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats is already a fact of life in the west- where the EU has adopted this method of rule for decades- to the point where there’re now more than 2.5 million appointed personnel working in the executive branch of the US Administration alone including countless agencies that have the power to pass laws.

Obviously the more control these bureaucrats exercise the less control the people have and their natural allies are leftists because they’re after the same solution- bigger government.

EU spokesmen have admitted their executive operating model is unwieldy suggesting bureaucrat numbers be drastically cut-back and replaced by a few strong (man) leaders.

An article in De Spiegel claims the liberal world order built by the US over the last seven decades is disintegrating.

With the US withdrawal from the global stage- a trend that began before the Trump Presidency and won’t end with his departure- Germany faces new challenges like assuming increasing responsibility in the field of foreign affairs.

It now has to lead instead of being led in a world where principles sometimes collide with pragmatism and values clash with interests where difficult decisions have to be made.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel even went as far as saying that Germany might also have to get by without the US if need be.

The German Institute for International and Security affairs an important think tank recently proposed the creation of a joint German-French “white book” in the first step towards shared brainstorming.

Poland serves as an example of a principles- pragmatism clash where despite that country not complying with EU principles of rule of law it is in Germany’s interests to ensure it-and other Eastern European countries remain in the EU.

An idea gaining ground with the establishment is one where experts are appointed to office rather than elected with political philosopher Jason Brennan writing in Foreign Policy journal of November 10 2016; Democracy is the rule of the people, but the people are in many ways unfit to rule.

Then he goes onto name Donald Trump’s election as a victory of the uninformed implying rule by the plebs should never happen again?

To be fair he does suggest a Clinton Administration would have been as bad.

Nevertheless Russia and Germany have many common interests the main reason they’ve forged agreements throughout history now’s the opportunity for them to move even closer.

The Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) stands accused of not only being right wing but having links to Russia.

Problem is not only has the right wing tag become a misnomer but in the current climate of hysteria it’s synonymous with being a Russian agent.

So what do we make of all this in an age of fake news is it just progressive propaganda or is there something more to the tale?

In light of the freefall of Merkel and Schulze’s political fortune’s the question is can the AfD fill the gap and become a force in German politics?

After all it did go from zero to winning 13% of the vote in last year’s election.

The party is anti-wide scale migration for sure with the Russian connection according to one source derived from the broad support it enjoys amongst the Russian emigrant community making up one third of the party’s support base.

But according to De Spiegel this German Party is seeking closer ties with Moscow through its youth wing discussing an alliance with its counterparts in Putin’s United Russia party.

So much of the De Spiegel article screams anti-Russian hype such as they’re anti-EU, anti-American, anti-western universalist-values and so on.

The old USSR as the Anglo American directed opposition was not only party to the idea of a European Union but supported it to the hilt.

One of the founders and leaders of the AfD party is an ex Goldman Sacks employee cum globalist investment banker so this is hardly the parochial movement it’s made out to be but funded and led by the elite.

The word controlled opposition springs to mind in respect of the AfD enigma following the globalist pattern of plugging a false left-right-east-west dichotomy.

It looks like Friedman’s right the biggest fear of the dwindling US Empire is an alliance between Russia and Germany and the AfD is its attempt to throw a spoke in the wheel to derail the real threat.

Friedman also mentioned US strategy is to sponsor a collection of Pro-American or anti-EU Eastern European states-one of which is Poland serving as a buffer against Russia (and) Germany.

When all’s said and done it appears America is the one threatened by the idea of a burgeoning European Union comprising of an increasing number of pro-EU States.

What we’re witnessing is just theatre with the real threat still unfolding.

KGB defectors who sought asylum in the West maintained the final objective was to force NATO withdrawal from Europe but they never revealed how this would unfold or the possibility that Germany might be the facilitator.

Breaking News; German Social Dems party board approves Merkel/Schulze coalition deal.
AfD Party is now the country’s official opposition
Germans expect Merkel to be out by next elections

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