Subversion Southern Style

Subversion covers a multitude of sins like rebellion, treason, and sabotage but it’s all tactics to neutralize the enemy and advance political goals.

Now the Bible-Belt USA is the latest victim of subversion southern style.

About two months back MSNBC host Joy Reid caused a stir calling rural Americans a core threat to democracy complaining about their disproportionate power over the urban majority demanding an end to the Electoral College voting system.

Yet Reid isn’t the only one to cast a jaundiced eye in the direction of the rustic states as Americans have never been this divided since the Civil War.

With East and West Coast Democrats pitted against Conservative Middle America and the white South the hostility is blatant.

The coastal elites are adamant they have a handle on what’s wrong with the country; it’s all down to those conservative country bumpkins in the heartland.

Super-rich, high-tech Silicon Valley leads the charge with one founder of a tech start-up saying publically; no educated person wants to live in a sh*thole with stupid people.

Of course her rant didn’t end there she also elaborated further; who are violent, racist, and/or misogynistic.

She has since made her Twitter feed private.

Not wanting to get into the finer points of the US Electoral College System I’ll just say this, those on the left pushing for the abolishment of the Electoral College regard the US as a democracy in one-man-one-vote mould while those wanting to keep it insist the nation was designed to be a Constitutional Republic with built-in protections for less populous rural states.

But things are not as they seem, rebellion is in the air with another radical group joining the mushrooming far left line-up with the oddball name Redneck Revolt.

Redneck Revolt guys aren’t wooly liberals by any means and they’ll tell you as much with one saying; If you haven’t noticed we’re not liberals, you know, if you keep going further left, eventually, you go left enough to get your guns back.

Indeed he’s spot on as the principle holds that the further right or left one moves from a starting point, the closer to almost identical beliefs on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

They say they’re dedicated to fighting fascism but in reality they’re more the American counterparts of the Soviet Bolsheviks.

Redneck Revolt can be summed up as a far left urban guerrilla outfit weaponizing conservative and rural communities in the march to a workers revolution.

One of the group’s founder’s an environmentalist named Mike, a self-described Marxist Leninist, was born in conservative Suffolk County in Long Island, New York where in his own words he grew up ‘dirt poor’

He wanted to connect with like-minded radicals so he posted on a face-book page called ‘Long Island Socialists’ then was contacted by the page’s administrator and so the organization was born.

Basically Redneck Revolt is a national activist organization pushing for ending capitalism through the unification of the working class across the board.

It focuses on encouraging poor, rural white people in 38 different locations around the country to rally in support of people of colour.

While leaders of the movement admit their support of firearms makes liberals nervous they point to their mission statement which says organizing people also requires organizing a defence of these communities, hence the reason for the gun-ranger stints.

The group hopes to reclaim the term redneck with it’s current derogatory connotations restoring it to its original meaning of outdoor workers with perpetual sunburn- or just putting the red(s) into redneck?

Their message however seems to strike a chord- from humble beginnings in Colorado and Kansas, the group has grown to nearly 40 branches nationwide.

Members participate in everything from creating community gardens to provide food security for the poverty-stricken as well as participating in counter-protests at right-wing marches.

New members are even recruited at these marches in a process known as counter-recruiting.

Recruits are also found in traditionally white spaces like NASCAR races and gun shows.

Mike’s Suffolk County branch hosts potluck dinners with neighbouring leftist organizations and protests prison conditions with Black Lives Matter.

Keen to distance Redneck from Antifa, a leader explained their difference in tactics; we do everything within the law, unlike Antifa’s destruction of property, covering their faces in black bloc and occasionally beating up Nazi’s on the streets.

Another way Redneck is different from Antifa is in its organizing-indeed the organization calls itself an aboveground militant formation.

One of its leaders’s recalled how he once believed in the American dream even though he too grew up in poverty but despite working a 65 hour week has nothing to show for it and were it not for his in-laws he’d be homeless.

One of the youngest members explained how he’d dropped out of college when the costs became too much and made a living stocking liquor stores then selling rare silver coins.

They support a lot of charitable organizations like Food not Bombs and causes like organizing drives to collect coats for the homeless distributing the goods themselves rather than handing the job to charities.

Redneck Revolt draws it inspiration from the Young Patriot Organization (YPO) a group of white workers in Chicago who sixty years ago defended the rights of people of all races.

They eventually formed part of the Rainbow coalition with the Black Panthers producing political leaders such as the like of Jesse Jackson.

But Redneck radicals apparently have a genteel side as well they run a weekly book club although the material too is radical with works such as Caliban and the Witch, anything featuring Che Guevara, and other topics like Soviet military strategy and nihilism.

Far Left Watch reports on the alarming 36 page mini manual of the Urban Guerrilla on how to conduct warfare in US cities subdivided into sections like sabotage, kidnapping, executions, armed propaganda and terrorism.

What is more media rags like Mother Jones and the Guardian praise these radicals in their fight against perceived right wing extremism.

It’s obvious that for millennials a lack of financial security and dim future prospects is fuelling this courting of communism borne out by the huge political support enjoyed by someone like Bernie Sanders who’s endorsed 100% by Redneck Revolt.

Although quite honestly these guys sound more like upper middle class liberals with a propensity for radicalism then down and out rural poor who probably don’t have the time or inclination to provoke revolution.

The leadership speak in a variety of New York accents and joke a lot about their decidedly un-radical hometown- yes well.

The early American Communists called the challenge their party faced in making inroads in the county American Exceptionalism, not to be confused with the America as world policeman kind.

This Exceptionalism was the buffer of a large middle class dividing rich and poor.

Globalization destroyed this buffer removing the obstacle of exceptionalism.

Those old enough to remember will recall independent presidential candidate Ross Perot’s warnings about the passing of NAFTA- how he vividly described the giant sucking sound that would reverberate as jobs left the country.

Donald Trump is currently raising import tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in the hope of resurrecting the US manufacturing industry.

While the idea is a good one it’s too little too late as that ship sailed a while back in the 1980’s with the ratification of NAFTA and globalization.

If Trump’s post-election announcement of US withdrawal from NAFTA seemed a bit flat it was because it was a non issue.

Something along the lines of locking the stable door after the horse has run off.

It comes as no surprise to realize Redneck Revolt is not a spontaneous grassroots movement but one directed from the top down, the goal being to resurrect the Young Patriots Organization model under another name.

Founded in 2009 Redneck was an offshoot of the John Brown Gun Club, itself founded in 2004 in Kansas.

Redneck fizzled out between 2011 to 2015 re-emerging in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump, aligning itself with the John Brown Club yet again.

Staying with all things red there’s the new Maoist organization called Red Guards-Los Angles, joined by Red Guards-Austin whose website motto is; Everywhere a battlefield, justifying their ongoing war against so-called fascism.

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