Alienated Nations

The world is a global village was the rallying cry of the early nineteen eighties when we imagined by design a shrunken planet the size of a huge city, cosmopolitan, populous and without boundaries.

And so ended the Old World Order of sovereign nation states, and globalization was born.

Overtime we would become citizens of the world, anonymous, replaceable and all of us alienated.

Fast forward almost forty years where the word illegal alien is synonymous with masses of culturally dissimilar migrants fleeing to Western Europe’s porous borders from war torn and economically unstable Islamic dominated countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

To be fair the western allies demolished Syria, Libya and Iraq, among others,through proxy wars and invasions so its not wrong to wonder if its a case of intended cause and effect, nevertheless greater Europe has morphed into a literal collection of alien-ated nations over the past eight years plus.

Of course the problem’s not confined to Europe but playing out everywhere to different degrees under different guises.

That peculiar western phenomenon known as multiculturalism has been cruel to host nations, alien minority groups are afforded special status and encouraged to flaunt their ethnic identities while giving nothing in return, there’s no expectation to assimilate, there’s no loyalty either, rather they’re led to support identity politics ganging up against the cultural heritage of nationals.

All would-be migrants to the west and their supporters display an overblown sense of entitlement, believing it a moral imperative and duty of western governments to open up the doors and let them in, no questions asked.

An article in the Guardian about a year ago addressed the perceived language bias toward English insofar as immigration’s concerned, slamming it as imperialistic and discriminatory, with its comments section rife with anti-white male, Anglophobic and anti-west sentiments.

For the global elites and their political hacks multiculturalism is a tool alongside open migration to challenge what remains of nation states but the question is what motivates individuals in host countries to identify with aliens rather than fellow citizens who’re considered the enemy, and regarded as more foreign than the foreigner?

The pro migrant crowd insist their motives are purely altruistic, but this can’t be otherwise they would understand the dictum that charity begins at home, or at least formulate reasonable immigration policies, besides both George Orwell and the Bible agree many people use words veiled in subterfuge; love means hate, good means evil, truth means lies and peace means war, so whatever argument they use in defence doesn’t count for much.

Okay call me cynical but I have this nagging suspicion it’s more about who they oppose than who they support.

Yes these aliens are voting fodder for the progressive cause but there’s a lot more going on.

Countrymen, compatriots and fellow citizens can be summed up in a word, neighbours; those people from varying cultural backgrounds sharing the same land, by and large assumed to share the same loyalty to kin and country.

Now that assumption is no more as people increasingly favour the stranger over the neighbor in an complete about turn.

The thing is we’ve lost base with the difference between the familial and the foreign and the separate obligations we have to each.

These distinctions have been so eroded by social justice and tolerance that we can’t even spot the difference between legitimate immigration and soft invasion.

Meanwhile sham Church leaders and their blind followers use the biblical injunction to be kind to the stranger to justify open ended migration except where it involves persecuted Christian minorities in the Middle East.

In the current climate people who’ve rejected the progressive take on immigration having escaped the systematic brainwashing are viewed as trouble and ostracised while incompatible foreigners with suspect intentions are welcomed as brothers-in-arms.

At this point civilization has imploded and only its infrastructure remains in place.

But those who spew forth the false talking points of social engineers buying into narratives of oppression to turn on their own kind are the real traitors of tribe, nation and humanity.

Then again the meaning of tribe no longer means what it used to,a shared heritage,now tribe refers to those who share the same political and religious views.

Only two things keep this hive mind-set alive, irrational hatred of one’s cultural heritage and the fact allegiance belongs 100 percent to the progressive state.

It’s not only about politics either; alienated individuals are drawn to alienating ideas so to a large extent it’s personal.

It’s said supporters of both Nazism and Communism had authoritarian personalities luring them to these ideologies the way the proverbial moth is attracted to a flame, mainly as a way to compensate for their own deficiencies.

Not for nothing was both these ideologies defined as authoritarian and so were its followers.

Bear in mind both parties never gained majority support only the support of a majority of like-minded individuals.

It’s long been an accepted by psychologists that ideology serves as an antidote of sorts for individuals with emotional issues going back to childhood.

Another reason people refuse to deal with their issues head on is because the psychological benefit they gain from wrong-headed thinking makes change too costly.

Society has changed because the west has changed and everything is an offshoot of this reality.

It’s about the destruction of all differences, the elimination of distinction as everything melts in a grey brave new world that’s anything but.

Before this new grey world kicks off the old has to be cast aside which is the reason traditional culture is under siege.

The idea of an inclusive society first hyped in 1995 is in fact an oxymoron, as the word society implies preference, class and propriety.

This was nothing but a push for conformity under the disguise of diversity.

Submission- call a thing by its real name-requires more laws in favour of special groups challenging hard won individual freedoms, an army of lobbyists and legislators to keep the kettle boiling and a police state to enforce.

This inclusivity mind-set wormed its way into the religious arena resulting in a world interfaith movement.

In recent years Christianity has come under pressure from all sides to be more inclusive, this push from feminist and homosexual advocates as well as atheist, agnostic groups and other religions who hope to change what they regard as an exclusive religious club, ignoring the fact the faith has never claimed to be anything else, except by heretics.

The post- modern disease of relativism has put paid to the idea faith conform to specific beliefs and practises allowing anyone to identify with the Christian religion just because they can.

The funny thing about this so-called inclusion is that compromise is always expected to come from one side.

That’s because Christianity is a big part of western cultural heritage that’s in the elite’s crosshairs.

Just as important words have to be redefined to bring in this new order because it’s one of the main weapons.

Although it goes much deeper than just tinkering with the meaning of words, it’s all a ginormous mind f**k on a massive scale as Orwell confirms, and its succeeded to as the western mind has been broken and is currently under reconstruction.

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing he said.

Take the two most overused but least understood words today, love and hate.

In today’s climate love has come to mean being in agreement with something while hate is disagreement but how did this warped state of affairs came about?

Well it’s all down to indoctrination…….sorry………education……… and goes by the name of dichotomous thought, where something is either one thing or another between two extremes, like black or white for example, the middle option of grey literally doesn’t exist.

Basically this mode of thinking defines a thing in relation to its opposite with western based philosophy, politics and literature the source of this mind-set.

Strangely psychologists believe when such thinking is applied to oneself and others it’s injurious to mental health and synonymous with mental disorders.

Remember this isn’t called the dumbed-down society for nothing, many have the reasoning ability of gnats, just because people dislike the label of stupid doesn’t change the fact they are.

Then there’s this bizarre expectation people should love everybody, yet love by its very nature is exclusionary, as we naturally care much more about some people than others.

In the Orwellian version, love is defined by what it opposes rather than what it stands for; racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobia, migrant-phobic and so on.

But In reality love is the language of absoluteness used to express preference, or something considered better, as in an ideal.

Society’s manipulators know this, that’s why they twist the meaning of words into something they’re not; if love is based on preference, the opposite meaning is indifference.

When indifference rules a society people will stand for nothing only to fall for everything.

It’s a strange quality this indifference; basically it’s when people don’t care enough to care about anything of importance, also understood as apathy, unconcern, and coldness.

………and the love of many will grow cold…………….

Another word that’s the opposite of preference is dislike……..or hatred.

Reflect on this carefully and let it sink in; if society dictates people must love everybody, they can in fact love nobody.

Think of a world like the one predicted by Aldous Huxley where everyone belongs to everyone else with no higher ideal.

Does stop the world I want to get off resonate?

It’s appropriate to leave the penultimate word to futuristic author and elite insider George Orwell.

The old civilizations claimed they were founded on love and justice, ours is founded upon hatred.

A world of fear and treachery and torment- a world that will grow more merciless as it refines itself. progress will be toward more pain.

There will be no emotions except fear, hate, rage and self-abasement ………-everything else we will destroy.

There will be no love except the love of Big Brother.

There will be no distinction between beauty and ugliness- and everything else.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever.

Remember Orwell’s prediction of the future fingered the year 1984 –probably when this authoritarian creep started, although it would be thirty four years before it all came together – in the year 2018.

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